Saturday, March 6, 2010

Meme, Anyone?

Thursday I was tagged by Natalie Murphy for a meme.  The rules are merely to fill in the blanks after what were bolded words, but are now after the colon.  (That's me: Dare to be different.  LOL)

So here goes... (in no particular order)

I like: hard copy books
I like: puppies
I like: the way the forest smells after it rains
I like: standing on the coast of Lake Superior before a storm
I like: emeralds
I like: kittens
I like: springtime
I like: Dilbert cartoons
I like: learning new things
I like: ice cream - especially Choco-Malt Chip which I don't think they even make anymore.
I like: bird watching
I like: crocheting

I love: my family
Today was: filled with potential

I hate: stupid people (ignorance is fixable, stupidity is when you know you're ignorant and don't care to fix it)
I hate: Pizza flavored combos
I hate: ironing
I hate: people who pretend to be one thing when they're another
I hate: keeping my mouth shut when something really really ticks me off
I hate: insincerity
I hate: the games politicians (or people with political aspirations) play
I hate: when I'm afraid I'll never be published

I (secretly) like: South Park
I love: my husband (I know I already said 'my family' but I love him so much, he deserves his own space.)

While I enjoy being tagged for a meme, I'm not a person who passes along these things.  I figure, if you're interested in participating, you'll do it.  And if you do decide to, please leave a note in the comments.

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