Sunday, June 11, 2023

Sunday Update - Week Huh?

Two Sundays in a row... I'm killin' it.

We saw our first fawn of the year today.

We introduced the spray bottle today in an attempt to curb the kittens' worst infractions - chiefly getting into the places where we have electrical cords that could easily zap them into kitty heaven.  After the first squirt, Sawyer now squints his eyes when I bring it out and seems less likely to get into trouble, but the minute our backs are turned, there he is.  He's a bull-headed little cuss.

I bought them a big, fluffy, decorative pillow to play with.  It looks like a muppet or one of those things on the cell phone commercial - no eyes, just blue fur.  Hubs named it the Blue Buffalo. Finn is already trying to kill it.  Sawyer fears it a little.

Work is work.  I'd talk about it more, but I can't.  

I booked my trip to Michigan.  It's been 9 years.  Time flies.  When I had the time, I didn't have the money.  Now I have the money and don't have the time.  Well, I made the time this time.  We can mostly thank Hubs for that.  He started it by going to see his mom and encouraging me to see mine, plus not worrying about the time I'll be taking off work.  These are the first vacation days I've taken since I started there a year ago.  (I had a couple days off due to illness and a couple due to weather, but these are the first days for just relaxation.)

That's right, it's been nearly a year since I started working again.  Whoda thunk it.  

Okay, that's about it for me today.  How are things in your little corner of the world?


  1. Wow. My how time flies! I love when cats give their humans the squinty side-eye. You know you're in for it later! I think I love the Blue Buffalo. I probably wouldn't share. LOL And yay for a trip home. You'll be glad you made the time!

    So, my world. Not much happening. We're winning the Oriental Cockroach War.

    It finally got hot. Not a happy camper but we've also had rain and are past the average date when we usually hit 90+ so I can't really complain. Oh, I can, I just won't.

    Writing sucks. It's been over a year since I started this book. Part of it is I haven't sold a book on the 'Zon in over a month. Depressing and yeah, it's affecting the creativity, as you well know. Ugh. Get out of my head, you dumb bugaboos! Write more books, sell more books. Easy peasy. Not. Anyway...

    Softball is over. OU took the National Championship. My Cards are still sucking. Stormy's soccer got rained out yesterday.

    I made grilled chicken pasta salad. It's yummy. Not LG's fave so there's always leftovers for me. Yay!

    Such is life with the James Gang. Later, tater.

  2. Yay for your fawn! Double hurray for your vacation! It's always good to see family. This year has gone so fast.

    LOL to your kittens! Cleo just decided to nibble on me, and I don't even know why. I gave her the side-eye, and she decided not to bite down. Progress.

    It's 100F here, 108 with the humidity. Ick. Thank you soooo much, Mr. Inventor. I couldn't live here without it. :-)