Sunday, June 4, 2023

Sunday Update - Actually Sunday For a Change

 Another week went by in a blur.  Let's see what happened...

Well, Hubs got home from a trip.  I try not to say beforehand if or when either of us is going to be away from home because that just makes good sense.  But I can tell you afterwards, so there it is.  He went to visit his mom for her birthday.  Yay.  And he had a nice time, so it's all good.  No, I didn't go and no, taking separate vacations doesn't mean there's anything wrong.  He needed to spend time with his family without me tagging along and it made good financial sense.  Plus, someone had to stay home with the kittens.  I'll go see my mom somewhere along the way.

So, I've taken a couple roadtrips back and forth to the airport - which is like 75-90 minutes away depending on traffic.  It reminded me why I hate the city.  Too much traffic, too many inconsiderate drivers and pedestrians.  

I've seen a couple of deer that look post-pregnant, so the countdown for fawns has begun.

Work is work.  The stress level seems to have reduced, which is good.  I'm enjoying knowing the customers so they feel like people and not a number.  I even had someone call in and comment 'wow, a real person and not a phone tree'.  Yep.  Although, they do get a phone tree if no one picks up before the 4th ring.  I try to make sure the 4th ring never happens, but I'm not a god.  

The kittens are growing like weeds.  And getting into everything still.  Except their growth means they've got the heft to knock over things they couldn't when they were smaller.  The trick is to distract them.  Take all the mischief energy and redirect it.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  Right this minute, I have distracted Sawyer with a jingly ball, so he's running around the house playing a solo game of soccer instead of trying to climb into the paper shredder again.  Okay, in the time it took me to type that, he's back getting into trouble.  :shrug:  Finn is so much less troublesome, but we love them both.  

Jumping back to the stress level... now that the stress is less, I'm gaining weight back.  Not necessarily the happiest of side effects, but I'll live.

Well, that's about it for me.  Time to start whatever passes for a Sunday around here.  Ink Master marathon!  I'm not sure why that show is addictive for me, but it is.  Have a great day whatever you're doing.  :hugs:


  1. LOL re: kittens! Cleo is 4, and I still spend a lot of time distracting her. Unfortunately, she thinks it's her job to distract me!

    Yay for visiting family, with future and past trips. Living almost next door to Mom has advantages. :-)

    The cardio doctor did my stress test on Friday. That wiped me out for two days. Not painful at all, just exhausting. No results yet, of course.

    It's wonderful that you can sideswipe the phone tree. I hate those things. I'm sure your customers adore you!

  2. Howdy, stranger! Yay for good trip, ugh on traffic, yay for imminent appearance of fawns, silly gatos, and big yay for less stress. Boo on the weight but hey, stress is bad for you--probably more than a pound or three.

    Life here has been softball, killing of Oriental cockroaches, and preparing for Stormy's summer vacation. He'll be spending a lot of time with us this summer. The Kids are looking for things to keep him occupied while Baseball Boy has summer school, baseball practice, and I think the summer "road trip" history class that he does every year. We don't know that for sure.

    Siren test yesterday was cancelled due to overnight rain and chance of more storms--no sounding of sirens if storms possible so as to not scare people, but we all met for Mexican lunch anyway. YUMMERS! It's been several months due to soccer so yeah, I was getting Alvarado's if Jake and I had to go alone.

    The only writing happened randomly so no progress. I haven't sold a book on Amazon in a month and the depression of that makes me question the why of it. I need to get over myself and write more damn books to generate sales. I know this but my brain is...not braining.

    On that note, I need to go do something productive. Not sure what, but something. Glad to *see* you "out and about" the intrawebz. Don't be a stranger. LOL Later, tater.