Thursday, July 11, 2019

Thursday This n That

I probably don't need to remind y'all, but never buy anything with a broken seal, and if it doesn't have a seal, check to make sure it wasn't opened.  (Hopefully, Blue Bell starts putting seals on their ice cream, but if not, you can tell it's been opened when the lid comes off easily.)  First the stupid bitch who thought licking ice cream and then putting it back in the store cooler was a good idea, then the other stupid bitch who gargled with mouthwash, spit it back in the bottle and put it back on the shelf.  I also heard from a fellow shopper that she once bought a pre-made frosting where the seal was broken and it appeared like two fingers had been dragged through the frosting.  Add to that PSA a reminder to check the sell-by dates.  I tell ya, grocery shopping isn't as easy as it used to be.  And people suck.

Yesterday, it was just getting light out when I went to look out the bathroom window and there was a bat sitting on the outside sill.  I jumped, he jumped.  He flew away.  They hang out under the sill in the summer.  I've just never seen one sitting on the sill.  (I leave them alone because they can't get into the house from there.  It's just a nice, dark overhang.)  This one was a little brown bat, but I've also seen big brown bats under there.  Go forth and eat loads of mosquitoes, little dude.

If you missed it - you know, because practically no one carried it - One America News Network will be showing an encore of the Salute to America celebration on Saturday at 1pm Central Time.  Not sure if your service carries OANN, but DirectTV does.

Speaking of DirectTV, apparently they're having contract problems with Nexstar and so some of the local channels are dead to me right now.  For us, it was our Fox station, so no All Star Game for us Tuesday night.  We also lost a channel we never watch, so I'm not really all that ticked about it.  Our CBS station was also listed on the website, but it was fine last I checked.  All I can say is it better stay fine because I'll be wanting to watch that channel this weekend for golf.  Otherwise, meh.

I was weeding the cedar bed and felt something bite me inside my gardening glove.  Well, actually, I thought I'd gotten a piece of stick in there and it was poking me.  But when I looked, it was a bug.  A tick actually.  It got away.  First tick bite of the year, so actually that's not too bad.  Except it's right in the crease of my wrist, so every time I move my right hand, it itches like the dickens.  (Yes, I scrubbed it thoroughly and then slapped antibiotic cream in it after it happened.  Now I'm using Benedryl gel.  And yes, I am keeping an eye on it.)

Okay, that's it for me.  What's the this-n-that in your world?


  1. The Loki saga continues. He's not back to his self, still not eating but that's what runny gushy food (presciption) and a syringe are for. Plus meds--amoxicillin, which is pink just like the little kid's version, and something for nausea and diarrhea, which evidently tastes so nasty, he wants to throw it up. The rest the critters are happy to have him home. Too bad my bank account isn't. 😬

    Progress on the WIP is sloooooow.

    I leave for NYC in just over a week. I am soooo not ready.

    If you get the chance on the cheap, grab KILL THE QUEEN by Jennifer Estep. I think you might like it. Fantasy with a hint of romance (there's more "romance" in the second book.) Described as "Gladiator" meets "Game of Thrones" but without the sex.

    It's hot.

    I think I have a flower bed of poison ivy. At least the yard guys weed-eated the stuff hanging over the edge. They are yard ninjas. The crew arives, mows, weed-eats, and blows, and then they're gone. In like 15 minutes. Crazy fast but they're good!

    Like your bats (I'd totally set up bat houses if we had any of the critters in the area), I encourage the kites. They go after the misquitos too. Stupid blood-suckers.

    Wow, my life is boring, but there you go.

    Stay in, stay cool. And it looks like y'all might get hit with Barry next week. Hrm...I wonder if the name-givers at National Hurricane Center are fans of "Storage Wars?"

  2. My car is still in the shop - it's been nearly two weeks. The joys of owning an old car with hard-to-find parts. I hope to get it back tomorrow. The cupboard is getting mighty bare.

    Yay to bats! Yay to *everything* that eats mosquitoes, for that matter. We need something to eat the ticks, too.

    I killed my 8th scorpion of the year last night. It was moving pretty slowly, and Churchill was lying just two feet away, but he rarely bothers to kill them. At least this time he wasn't annoyed when I did.

    Today is dad-sitting day.

    Other than scorpions, my life is boring. That's good, I guess. :-)