Thursday, July 4, 2019

Thursday This n That

Happy Independence Day!

Project Hermes is on sale starting today.  I thought it was apropos.  Blink would also be apropos - it's on sale next week.

The neighborhood is full of people right now - most of whom I don't recognize.  Friends of weekenders, I assume.  And the new people who've bought homes recently.  I'm looking forward to Labor Day Weekend.  Or rather, the day after.  That's when this place will return to normal.

I have a framed copy of the Declaration of Independence on the wall next to my desk.  It was one of the first things we bought for decor after we moved here.  Kind of a nod to our own freedom as well as to this wonderful country we live in.

The big fireworks show here is set for the 6th.  We're not going.  I don't enjoy fireworks - the loud noises, crowds of people, bugs... :shudder:  More power to you if you do. 

We have the best light show going on outside right now - fireflies.  They're really going all out this year.  So cheerful and pretty, but also quiet.  Last night, it wasn't even dark yet and they were flashing out in the woods.  =oD

Peace and quiet.  It's a wonderful thing.  It's my thing. 

Tonight, I will lay in bed, pretending to be in a thunderstorm rather than cringing over every bang and boom.  Once you realize that you can sleep through thunderstorms, sleeping through fireworks becomes easier.  A couple times in my life, I lived quite close to railroad tracks.  If I can sleep through that, I can sleep through anything. 

We're not doing anything today.  That's freedom, baby.

Have whatever kind of Independence Day you enjoy.  Celebrate your freedom any way you choose*.  Because, hey, that's what being free is all about.

*without infringing on anyone else's freedom, k?


  1. Happy Independence Day!

    I love fireflies! I peek out the window at dusk, and even see them once in a while. But with mosquitoes the size of Lear jets (and the sneaky little ones I can barely see) I don't go outside in the evening if I can help it.

    We saw only one pair of lost tourists during our walk this morning, and they were too proud to ask directions. But they managed to get back off the dirt-road-to-nowhere safely and headed back in the direction of the freeway.

    Distant neighbors and a nearby town put on a firework show most years. I watch for 5 minutes when the booms start, but that's about all I'm good for. They're long over by the time I get to bed.

    Now back to our normal programming. LOL!

  2. We don't do fireworks either. Boone treats them like thunder and goes to hide in the closet. We did our duty and participated in the parade this morning. Now we'll stay under the AC, I'll do burgers tonight, and we'll watch baseball or something. LOL Ha

    My sympathy on all the weekenders. 😜 Have a safe and happy 4th!