Thursday, February 11, 2016

This n That Thursday

I didn't sleep much last night and thus I have only been awake for a short while, which means not enough coffee and a distinct lack of positivity.  I did, however, get another page and a half of edit notes entered somewhere between 2:30am and 3:30am. 

I said it on Facebook and I'll say it again: These pages of edit notes are practicing asexual reproduction.  Every time I work on them and then go back and count what I have left, there's always one more page than I assumed was left.  I thought last night that I had 1.5 pages.  I counted just now - 2.5 pages.  At least I seem to be completing them faster than they're breeding, so I still should be done with these today.  Then I can send them to my Kindle for another read-through to see if I really fixed all the plot flaws or if I just made them worse.

Hubs just read a news headline that Burger King will be adding hotdogs to its permanent menu.

If hamburgers is one word, hotdogs should be one word, too.  Begone with you, squiggly red line!

It's the beginning of turkey love season.  The hens are getting together in large flocks and the toms are following them around, displaying in all their glory.  I'm hoping to see lots of chicks (aka poults) this Spring.

Today's bird of the day - the ostrich.  It says African Ostrich, but are there any other kinds of ostriches??  Yeah, I think we can leave the 'African' off if we want to.

Today is supposed to be the day I start our taxes.  Yeah, it ain't looking good.  More coffee!  Stat!

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  1. This is a full-pot coffee day. I need to shower and wash my hair. Run errands (Walmart and Cao Ngyuen) We get our Cafe du Monde coffee from the big Vietnamese grocery near downtown. Walmart is for other groceries. I have so many projects calling for my attention, Iffy is in full-blown ADHD mode. *flail*

    Wait. What was the question? WAS there a question? *wanders off looking for more coffee*