Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 6

Not much new to update.  I'm still plogging away at the edit notes for Fertile Ground.  I'm still reading through Up Wish Creek.  I'm still trying to get some sales from somewhere.

To that end, I have an ad going out on The Fussy Librarian on the 23rd.  It's for Dying Embers - because that's the only book I have right now that qualifies with their 'at least 10 reviews' guideline.  :shrug:  I hope to do some other neat stuff soon. 

On the 'do something active' front, I passed Day 30 of the goal.  On Day 30, I did what I had vowed not to do two years ago (when I stopped weighing myself more than once a year).  The results of the weigh-in?  I lost 5 lbs.  This, of course, is NOT in my stated goals.  I started doing this so I'd stop feeling like an old lump of atrophied flesh.  And that goal is working out for me.  I feel way better when I'm not sitting all the time.  For the record, I have not really changed my eating habits.  I am trying to eat smaller portions, but I'm a chow hound so that doesn't always happen.  Also I missed one day last week - Day 31.  I almost missed Friday, too, but then Hubs and I took an afternoon walk of about 1.75 miles. 

I participated in a USC grad student's poll about this blog :waves at the watchers: and they're supposed to take that data and see if my answers match with what I actually record here on the blog.  For the question on why I blog, I put "It amuses me. Networking. Helping others."  Or something like that.  If what I put on here helps others, even through commiseration, it's a win.  It asked what things I don't blog about - politics, sex, religion.  Pretty straightforward, I think.  We'll see if I just skewed his data talking about it.  I don't recall a clause about keeping everything mum.  :shrug: 

I finally have all my tax documents, so that's on the burner for this week.  Would you believe I got 5 1099s from Amazon and one from Createspace?  The Amazon ones came electronically.  The Createspace one was mailed.  I really wish the two of them would get together and make things more congruent between them.  Aren't they all the same company anyway? 

Well, that's about all I got for Week 6.  What was up with you last week?


  1. Different divisions of the company and the five from Amazon are because of foreign sales/rights.

    I'll be very curious about your experiences with Fussy Librarian. Trying to get reviews is so freaking frustrating. Heck, all a reader has to do is click on the stars, add a subject line, and then state: I love (hated) this book. Boom. Of course, adding a little more is icing but hey...beggars aren't choosy!

    I have got to get off my butt. Congrats on the weight loss. Since I'm going to San Diego in July and the hotel is on the beach, I really need to drop some weight. Not so worried about being seen in a swimsuit (*snort*) so much as just being able to walk around and enjoy!

    A new opportunity popped up the end of last week so I'm working my tail off this weekend to get something ready. I'm pleased so far. Except after going to bed about midnight last night and lying there eyes wide open, I realized I need to reorganize chapters 2 and 3. That's okay. That means chapter 3 will end on a better hook. S'all good. Hopefully I'll have things well in hand so I can actually pay attention to the Superbowl. Go Broncos! And bonus--COMMERCIALS! Have a great week.

    1. Oh yeah, I know, but it's still weird.

      I'll post an update about FL along with stuff about other marketing places I've considered. Yeah. Reviews. I keep saying 'if you enjoyed X, please post a review', and still crickets. Which makes me think maybe they didn't enjoy it. No news is good news?

      Seriously, you should try the 5/5/5 thing - five minutes of dancing, 5 of 'exercise', five more dance. It's not the weight thing for me either. I just got sick of feeling like a lump, getting winded climbing the hills, etc.

      Yay for your opportunity! Fingers and toes crossed for you! I'm not sure how much attention I'll be paying to the football, but Go Broncos!

      You, too!

  2. Congratulations for your 5lb weight loss, I wish I could say I've achieved the same, but I haven't!

    This week I've updated Broken Faces on Amazon as I noticed a couple of typos in the original version and wanted to remove them. Apart from that and sweeping out my writing shed I've done very little. This week I'm aiming to complete my tax form... Aiming being the operative word there!

    1. Thanks, Debs! I wasn't really going for weight loss, but as a side-benefit, I'll take it. ;o)

      I'm so happy for you and Broken Faces. I have to check whether it's available over here. It sounds really interesting. I love being able to correct typos! LOL, I'm aiming for taxes this week, too, but it ain't looking good.

  3. Yay for being active, with weight loss as desert! I try to walk every day for a mile or two. No weight loss, though. I must be cheating when I'm not looking. ;-)

    I hope to do taxes this week, but I need to do Mom's first. I got a billion 1099s. Who knew so many countries are buying my nonfiction? Maybe I should have stuck with that. But I love writing novels so much more!

    Wrote 13 pages in 5C, and created author pages. Now I need to fix up the Canadian pages. And I tinkered with my Google Plus page - I'm told G+ can raise an author's visibility by a bunch. Sigh. I hate social media.

    1. I think part of the reason I lost weight was the shock of going from totally sedentary to semi-active. Freaked the fat cells out. ;o)

      Yay for having a ton of 1099s! Every one is at least one sale and every bit helps. LOL, I've heard nonfiction sells better, but I suck at it.

      Go you! There are Canadian pages? Okay, now I need to add that to my list. I've heard that about G+, too, but I haven't seen it. Then again, I don't do much with it. LOL, if it weren't for social media, I'd never be social, so there's that going for it. ;o)

    2. Oops, no Canadian author pages. French, German, and Japanese, I think, but nothing for Canada. Ah, well, it saves us a few steps. ;-)