Thursday, January 21, 2016

This n That Thursday

Wow.  I totally forgot Sunday was Sunday, which led to the whole week going to hell.  But here I am again with another round of this-n-that.

Kirk Douglas' real name is Issur Danielovich Demsky.  Which explains why he took the stage name.  Imagine putting that on a marquee. 

We have snow on the ground.  Just enough to cover the grass, but not enough to hide the sticky-uppy strands.  The local news showed a picture at a major intersection in Springfield with a mention about how it hadn't been plowed yet.  Plowed? There's only like a 1/2 inch for petesakes.  Throw some rock salt on that sucker and call it good.  Where we lived in CO, they wouldn't send the plows out for less than 2".  Different strokes for different areas, I guess. 

My cat has this quirk where she likes to lay with her face in the water bowl.  Just her chin, mostly, although she does sometimes fall asleep like that and we hear her sputtering because her face dropped too far. 

I'm reading the third book in 'The Cat Who..." series by Lillian Jackson Braun.  Fun books. 

I was under the weather yesterday.  Must've been something I ate.  I have a keen love of leftovers and a stupid sense of when they probably should've been throw out.  It tasted fine. Really it did.  But it couldn't have been anything else.  On the upside, I spent the 'after lunch' part of the day laying in my recliner, reading and watching TV. 

Any this n that to share today?

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  1. Ugh. Sorry for the...distress. You're due more weather today and speaking of, did you hear it took Obama's motorcade over an hour to go 13 miles in DC because they had a glazing of snow? Washingtonians are idiots when it comes to snow. As a rule. Not everyone so nobody get mad.

    I took MOONSTRUCK: SECRETS off KU and spent a couple of days "fixing" it. I tracked down the last few remaining typos that managed to slip through. I stripped the Amazon links. I updated the back matter with releases occurring since it was published last spring, and yesterday, I uploaded it to Draft2Digital. Hugely easy process compared to Smashwords. The emails are now trickling in that it's going live on almost every digital sales platform. That means updating links on my website. We'll see how sales go.

    I still haven't sent out holiday cards. I really need to do that. Maybe this weekend.

    I have contest books to read. I need to get on those instead of the books I want to read because I started rereading a series in which I haven't read the first books since the original reading of them. Yes, I'm an idiot that way.

    It's 9:00 am and I've only had one cup of coffee. What's wrong with me?!? *wanders off to refill mug*