Thursday, January 28, 2016

This n That Thursday - Editing Edition

I am still up to my armpits in editing.  My house is a mess.  I haven't showered in days. I haven't exercised either.  (Which is kinda good considering the 'not showering' thing.)  I'm wearing the same clothes I put on Tuesday.  I had leftover pizza for lunch at my desk yesterday and a sandwich for dinner.  Can't tell you what Hubs ate.  He fended for himself.  Thankfully, Hubs is also tending to the cat.  Also, thankful that Hubs isn't a nagging, anal, clean freak.  That would totally suck.

I figured it out - I worked from 7:30am 'til noon-thirty, then worked from 2 - 5, then worked from 6 - 10 off and on last night.  (Off and on means I have the Kindle in my lap, the notebook next to me for jotting, and I make notes while I watch TV. If the program's really good, I make notes on commercials.)

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, though.  I will finish today.  I WILL finish today. 10% left to make notes on. Then the notes need to be entered.  Then I can send it to AWE.  THEN I will collapse into a quivering puddle.

Then I will start all over again, getting Fertile Ground ready to send to my editor next month.

Right now, though, my brain is consumed with editing.  So the this n that is more THIS than anything else.

What's the this-n-that skinny where you are?

ETA: Two hours more and I finished!  It's been sent off to the editor who will have it back to me in 3 weeks.  Meanwhile, I have to go back to Fertile Ground and re-read Up Wish Creek. Tomorrow.  I'll start that tomorrow.


  1. You'll get it done. *nods*

    This: I either relapsed with the upper respiratory crud or my allergies (leaf mold and dust) kicked in hyper when the first half of the fall leaves were raked and bagged last weekend.

    That: I REALLY miss the "man-sized" Kleenaxs. The big ones about the size of a man's handkerchief, that were super strong and came in a big box. If they're made anymore, none of the stores I shop carry them.

    This: Down to 2 contest reads then I can fall on the new books and upcoming books I've been lusting after.

    That: I'm putting together the second compilation volume from the Moonstruck books. New words are evading me--mostly--at the moment. I need to get "something" different out there to stop the sales slide. :(

    And now I need to sneeze and blow my nose again. And coffee. Need more coffee. STAT!

    1. I'm done! And J already wrote me back to tell me I nailed the first page. Woohoo!

      Ack! Sorry the crud won't just go away. :hugs: It sucks when you find a product you really like and they discontinue it. Bastards.

      Yay for putting together the next compilation, but boo for the words being evasive. Yeah, I totally need something to perk sales. But I don't have anything short I can put out there, so new stories will have to wait until IDW is finished. =o\


  2. This: works busy and the weather's been crap again.

    That: finished my first sewing project of year. A quilt I made for some friends.
    Nearly finished a quilt from last year for my sister. Ran out of thread but more arrived in the post today, so will finish that off over the weekend.

    The other: looking forward to picking up Silver Moonstruck compilation. Will keep checking Amazon for that.