Thursday, January 7, 2016

This n That Thursday

I didn't win the Powerball.  Not the jackpot.  Not a dime.  Stupid Powerball.  And now it's up to 675 million.  That's too much.  I'm done. 

Today on my 'bird a day' calendar, the picture is of penguins.

While looking for Christmas gifts last month, I saw a t-shirt that said 'I write so I don't snap'.  I need that shirt.  LOL

There was nothing on TV last night, so I switched to the Light Classical music channel on the satellite.  Hubs got inspired and wandered off to his creative pursuits.  I sat in my chair and edited Fertile Ground while the music floated around me.  It was very refreshing.

I've started exercising every day.  So far, I'm at two days in a row.  Nothing major.  I put on the Retro Disco channel and dance around the living room for 5 minutes, then go through an exercise routine put together by my physical therapist 20+ years ago for 5 minutes (various left lifts, donkey kicks, etc. w/ sit-ups and push ups thrown in) then dance for another 5 minutes.  I finish up by walking the length of the house back and forth until my heart rate is back to normal.  Yesterday, we also went for a walk in the afternoon.  I'm not trying to lose weight or anything.  I'm just so atrophied from plopping my butt in a chair for weeks on end that I need to start moving.  If I lose weight, too, it's frosting on the cake.  Mmm, cake.

I took Hubs to a new barber.  Well, new to us.  Apparently, this guy's been tucked into a little horseshoe shaped stripmall for years but I never could find him.  Well, I found him.  Best haircut Hubs has had since that one he got while we were on vacation.  Now to find someone for me.  I'm doing an okay job cutting my own hair, but sometimes I'd rather pay someone else to do it - if I could find someone who wouldn't screw it up.

I was in a reading drought at the end of last year.  Now, I've got two books waiting on my Kindle and a paperback I can't put down.  The Kindle books will have to wait until I finish this edit pass, though.  I hate juggling from one book to another on the Kindle.  I can do one paper book and one ebook, but not two ebooks or two paper books.  Weird.

What's on your this n that today?


  1. I'm glad someone else cuts her own hair. I was beginning to feel like a freak. Every few years I'll go to a hairdresser, but they're so expensive, and there's only so much they can do with my thin hair.

  2. Since my long-time hairdresser moved to Florida, I've been cutting my own. Mine's really short so not too hard. The back gets a little ragged sometimes but *shrug* LG uses clippers. I admit to being tempted. I'll have to pick a time when I have nothing social on the calendar for about a month so my hair can grow out if I butcher it. :)

    This: I still have the upper respiratory crud. It sucks.

    That: Got line edits back on the next Red Dirt book. They're due back next Wednesday. Guess what I'll be doing...

    And I have a hold that just arrived at the library. Must get out to get it. Maybe Starbucks, too. Even though it's in the opposite direction of the library. LOLOL

  3. Week started with a migraine - felt totally rotten until Wednesday. Thankfully I don't get them as often as I used to - the bonus to the menopause for me!

    I've been doing my own hair for a while but managed to meet up with my niece before the holidays and she gave me a good trim. Unfortunately she lives 90 miles away, but at least I should be able to manage a once a year job.

    That: finished a quilt top and very happy with it. Started crocheting the granny squares I made together to make a blanket. Still a long way to go as I keep getting side tracked by a good book.

    On books doing a re-read of Lauren Dane's Cascasia Wolves and Bound by Magick series - love these stories and they are like old friends.