Sunday, April 14, 2013


Yesterday I washed clothes and took a walk, and now I'm sore.  Before you call me a wimp - which I am usually - realize I washed 2 loads in the bathtub by hand because our washer/dryer isn't due until Wednesday.  And the walk went like this - down a steep hill take a right, up a low hill, turn for home, down the low hill and UP the steep hill.  At one point, the Hubs offered to go home and get the car for me.  Gimpy leg and writer hands hate me today.

But I might just do it again today.  Those jeans aren't going to wash themselves and this stupid body will never get used to the terrain sitting here on my ever-widening ass.

Oh, and here's a newsflash.  I wrote last night.  Only a few pages, but it's a start.

And here's a quicky view of the road I walked...

Yeah, it looks innocuous.  But see how it looks like the road just sorta stops?  Well, that's the start of the decline.  Notice how you don't see it come up again on the other side?  That's because if you don't turn left or right where I turned right, you drive through a house and right into the river.

And the other way, it slopes down into a little valley right before it slopes up and turns.  I thought about getting a bike, but where would I ride it?  Back and forth on the flat strip in front of the house?  My knees would never make the hills.  (At least not yet.)


  1. I am so jealous of your country life now. I really am. It sounds lovely out there (except for the huge hills and your bad knee!)

    I'm sure with repetition, it'll become easier and easier to do. Have you ever thought of getting an elliptical? We're buying one, and they are very easy on your knees. Low impact, but a huge workout =)

  2. We walked once around the loop this morning. Not sure how far that was, but it's a fair hike. It gets easier the more you do it. And I have a big bottle of Aleve.

    I've thought of getting an exercise bike, but not an elliptical. I guess I'm just not up to date on the latest exercise equipment. The thrift store nearby has an old exercise bike for like $15 I might get.

  3. Good for you for writing! I hate handwashing kills my hands too.

    Keep up both the walking and writing!

  4. One day at a time. :) Good for you! Happy writing, and hiking!