Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Moving Spectacle?

Ugh.  At this point, I'm thinking I should rename the blog 'The Moving Spectacle' :cue carnival music:

But never fear. I will get back to the writing at some point.  Hopefully some point soon.  I know when I've moved in the past, it's taken me a while to get settled enough to turn the juices on.  But I'm going to try and not let that get me.  Keep your fingers crossed, eh?

Anyway, we're just about all packed up now.  Just have the office to do, which I'll do sometime today.  And a few sundry things otherwise.

The decor you see on the walls doesn't belong to us, so I ain't packin' it.  This place came furnished.  Thanks the gods of sore muscles I don't have to move that damn sleeper sofa.  Ugh.

And here's where we've got the majority of our sh-tuff shoved...

Moving day is pretty near.  Which means I'm about to go dark... but I don't wanna turn my lovely computer off...  wah.

I'll update the post when it happens.

Have a great day, folks, and if I don't see ya before I shuffle off to Missouri, have a great couple of days while I'm gone.  Behave.


And just for fun, here are my new shoes...

Because sometimes a gal's just gotta feel snazzy.

Update: 12:41 Mountain - Shuttin' 'er down.  Have a great rest of the week and stay safe.  I want you all here when I get back. 


  1. Pink laces! I love pink laces. Definitely snazzy. You're in the homestretch. Hang in there and let us know when you're settled! (unpack the computer first!!!)

  2. LOL, yeah, the pink definitely drew me to the shoes. I needed a splash of color that day.

    Oh, baby, those computers are going in my car with me. They'll be in that house shortly after we are. The desks, though? I guess I'll be computing from the floor at first. LOL

  3. Ooh, I had some serious flashbacks there with those pics, B.E.! Looks like you guys are pretty organized and ready to go (I'm impressed - on such short notice, you've worked miracles).

    We'll miss you while you're 'dark' - looking forward to hearing all about the move when you get yourself settled and back online :)

  4. Having no furniture can be a very good thing when moving. I can't remember the last time I moved when I didn't have furniture. LOL

    And think of all the fun of picking out new furniture for the new house! Computing from the floor isn't bad. We've used TV tray tables before. Bought them at Target or Walmart and set them up because the furniture hadn't arrived yet.

    You are on the homestretch and JB and Janet are right. You're amazing! Here's to a safe trip and seeing you on the other side!

  5. Crap. I forgot to mention the snazzy shoes. They are. Snazzy. ;)

  6. My fingers are crossed for you!

    P.s. LOVE the pretty shoes!! :D

  7. Good luck!!!!!!!! I hope everything goes well =)

  8. Good luck and good trip.

    See you on the flip side. :)