Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lessons Learned This Month

And now for a little humor...

- Even though squirrels are supposed to be active during the day, sometimes one or two will go back to the nest to... I don't know... nap?  watch TV? 

- When you're absolutely certain all the squirrels are out, you'll find one or two left inside... AFTER you climb 18 ft, hammer a board over the hole and then put the ladder away.

- Once you leave the Wichita area going east on Hwy 400, there is NOTHING.  No hotels, no gas stations.  Not until you reach Parsons.  131 miles.  And Fredonia doesn't count because if it has any services, they're so far off the highway you won't notice them until it's too late.

- Correction.  There's one.  That roundabout in the middle of nowhere?  If we'd gone all the way around, we could've been at a hotel and a gas station, but there's no place to turn around if you go straight out the other side.  (Seriously, who puts a roundabout in the middle of nowhere?  And what's the point of those damn things anyway?)

- Max, when given enough time and boredom, will figure out how to get into the exposed rafters of the new garage.

- Max, having gotten into the rafters of the new garage, will be unable to find his own way down thereby having to be carried.

- Cats do not like to be carried down a ladder.

- Max, when confronted with a new neighbor, will kill said neighbor.  (Goodbye, Mr. Gray Squirrel.)

- At any given moment, Kira wants to sit wherever the Hubs is sitting - and will stalk his seat until he gets up.

- If Hubs gets up while Kira is on the other side of the house, she will run across the house to jump into his chair.

- Cornell and their bird watch thingie are VERY particular about bird sightings.  And despite the fact that other places do in fact show a particular bird to be in your area, if Cornell hasn't documented it, you need photographic proof before they'll believe you.

- Hummingbirds do not like to be photographed. 

- That thing you're absolutely certain you'll be able to find when you get there so you don't need to pack it to move because it takes up space you don't have?  It won't be there when you get there.

- Dish drainers are passe in Berryville, Arkansas. 

What have you learned this month?


  1. I think I died laughing. Which isn't a terrible way to go.

  2. Love it!

    I'm in total agreement with this one (and it doesn't have to be a squirrel): - Max, when confronted with a new neighbor, will kill said neighbor. (Goodbye, Mr. Gray Squirrel.)

    I've learned: To make a hot compress for one's eye. Boil an egg and wrap it in a wet cloth....it retains its heat and slots into the orbital cavity perfectly. (Not one, but two optometrists told me this...I'd roll my eyes, but one hurts too much....)

  3. Heheheheh, that's awesome. At least everything keeps you busy?? ;)

  4. LOL! Max is such a character, and Kira's not far behind!

  5. Ah, the circle of life. The learning never stops :D

    And now I have a great bird resource in Cornell! Thanks!

  6. You've had some adventures!! Lol!

    That I'm not very nice when severely sleep deprived... and thus, should say very little until I get a nap, or a coffee.

    That vinegar make a fantastic JetDry when poured into glass and set on top rack through dishwasher cycle... gets all that nasty hard water off glasses... Spotless! :)

    That 1:1:1 parts oil/shortening/flour mixed and stored in fridge, makes THE BEST pan release *like cooking spray* just brush on pan w/ pastry brush... NO MORE PAN RESIDUE!!
    *I cook when I'm sleepy, too.*