Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This Morning's Blogroll

For kicks, I thought I'd post the first ten links from my morning blogroll (you know, before I refresh it and see what else is out there)...

Happy Release Day! from Confessions (by Suzie Townsend)

REVIEW: Planesrunner by Ian McDonald from Book Chick City (by Melanie)

Muse Takes Over from Janet's Journal (by Janet)

Teaser Tuesday (March 5) from Alli's World (by Allison Kirk)

Tell Me a Story from Random Thoughts (by Cynthia)

Lucy the Wonder Weenie - Book Review from Pearls Cast Before a McPig (by Sullivan McPig)

How to Find Public Domain Photos, Music, Etc. from Jenna Scribbles (by Jenna)

*SHIVERS* Death's Awakening (Cover Reveal) from Writer's Alley (by S.A. Larsen)

Author Spotlight: RaShelle Workman's Blood and Snow Series from Christine Fonseca, Author (by Christine Fonseca)

Apropos of Nothing from Murderati (by Gar Anthony Haywood)

These are in the order they posted and not in anyway meant to show which ones I liked best, or even the ones I commented on.  (These days I read more blogs than I comment on.)  Lots of release news and reviews - but of course, since it's Tuesday.

What's on your blogroll this morning?


  1. Thanks for the linky-loo, B.E. :)

    OK, no links 'cause that would be too hard for my brain today. In order (blog names only): Writer Unboxed, Silver James (always my first read of the morning), Cassablanca Authors, Skeleton Keys, The Sound of Rain (our friend Natalie), Alice Audrey, Killer Chicks, Annette Bower, L.K. Hill, and Paperback Writer.

    And, came in after I had been around the blogosphere, Kristen Lamb's blogpost this morning is a must read (for me, anyway).

    Great topic idea, B.E. - I may have to 'borrow' it :)

  2. Awww, thanks, Janet. *blush*

    My blog roll is LONG, starting with 3 LOL sites (Cheezeburger, Cats, Dogs), then Murder She Writes, Janet's Journal, your Writing Spectacle, B.E., Killer Chicks, Plotmonkeys, and more. Jen Lyon is on there but she doesn't post on Tuesdays. I tend to skip around, checking the topics on my RSS list to see what grabs my attention during that first all-important cup of coffee. :) Though sometimes, if life intervenes, then it might be closer to noon...

  3. Don't know what a blog roll is (yes, really), but these are the first 10 blogs listed on my list of blogs I follow (they come up with the latest posted first):
    David Powers King Tuesday Tropes: The Cosmic Plaything;
    The Writing Spectacle This Morning's Blogroll;
    Romance Author, Terry Spear Need Kilted Man...High Winds!;
    Miss Snark's First Victim Another Indirect Success Story;
    Confessions Happy Release Day!;
    VampWriterGrrl If for not your sacrifice, then....;
    Kristen Lamb's Blog To Find Success, Learn to Embrace the Meantime;
    Books by Heather The Perfect Philosophy;
    lying for a living When spam almost makes sense;

    Not sure how they'll show up here, since I did a copy and paste kind of thing.

  4. Such a fun idea, if I wasn't so swamped I'd play along. As it is, I'm retreating back into my writing cave....

  5. I need to be more organized. Wow. Some great lists and places to visit. Enjoy.

  6. You're so welcome, Janet. I love your blog and I'm happy it was in the first ten, so it could show up on the post. Silver's blog missed it by two, and I almost made a first 15 because of it.

    OMG, Silver, I could never start the day with the LOL sites - I'd never get anything else done.

    A blogroll is just the list of blogs you visit, Stacy. I used to just keep the links in my favorites, but then I discovered Blogger has a Dashboard thingie that keeps track of the blogs I 'follow'. Made life way easier. (Well, except when it brainfarts and tells me I'm not following any blogs. Then I have to kick it.)

    Play along another day, JB. If nothing else, it's an easy post for a day when you can't think of anything else to say. ;o)

    Wow, Karyn. I think that's the first time anyone's ever said I was organized. LOL