Thursday, March 28, 2013


Well, we're supposed to close on a house tomorrow.  And if all goes according to plan, we're supposed to move next week.

Of course, this means my brain is absolutely fried.  And the whole crispy-brain phenomenon is having a cascade effect. 

I can't sleep.  Correction, I can't nap.  Every time I lay down to take a snooze, my brain kicks into overdrive.  Case in point - yesterday after running around town dropping books off at various locations, I was freakin' tired.  So I hit the couch for a little down time.  I closed my eyes, and the brain starting whirring.  I fought it for fifteen minutes.  And then got up and brushed the window blinds - because that was driving my crispy brain nuts.  Of course, the same thing happens at night, but I do manage to coax myself to sleep.  (Last night I went to bed at 8 and slept 'til five - I was that tired.)

I can't remember shit.  Okay, so this isn't anything new.  I'm brain-damaged and having a leaky memory is just part of life for me.  But with my brain all crisped like a barrel of pork rinds, it's even worse.  I find myself finishing a lot of statements with "...if I remember correctly..." because I seriously doubt I'm remembering anything correctly.  (If it isn't written down, that is - which encompasses about 90% of my life.)

My focus is kerput.  I remember telling myself yesterday morning that I needed to do the laundry.  Then I started repacking books for delivery*.  Then I thought about the fact that I needed to get the Kid's computer wiped clean so I could give that to the neighbors - which led to cleaning a USB stick so I could transfer anything she might still want.  I got that project started and went back to the book thing.  But I had to call the title company.  And Max needed food.  And the outside kitties did, too.  Long story shorter than it would've been otherwise, I never did get the laundry even started.

So, you see what I mean.  I've got the crispy-brain.  Here's hoping I'll be back to what passes for normal for me by mid-April.  (After the move and the unpack and the delivery of furniture... etc. etc. etc.)

* With as many books as I have to unload, no one will take them all, but everyone has put in requests for certain genres or authors.  Since I already packed them all up, I had to go back through and cherry pick.  Paperbacks and large print for the old folks home.  Romance for the bagger gal at the grocery store.  'Scary' for my friend in the produce section.  Suspense for my friend the cashier.  Newer hardcovers and easy-to-resell for the library.  I love sorting books, but this is getting a little beyond that.  The good news is I made most of my deliveries yesterday, and today will be 'here's a box of assorted books - do with them what you will'.

Is it any wonder I'm totally loving my Kindle right now?  A hundred books all in one tiny, light-weight gadget.  :happy sigh:


  1. Ugh, you made ME antsy there. I'm suddenly wondering if I've forgotten to do something lol.

    Good luck with everything! Wish I could be there to help =)

  2. LOL, sorry, Nat. Thanks for the luck wishes. I wish you could be here, too, but we've got it handled. Lucky for me, the Hubs is a organizing machine. I just wish he could get inside my head and organize my brain. LOL

  3. Wow, you're doing a lot. The last time I moved I ended up donating books to the local hospital and to a couple of local shelters.

    Hang in there!

  4. It will all be a memory a month or so from now (or not, if you're memory fails - and based on experience, you want to forget the packing, cleaning, crappy part of the moving excitemnt). Where was I? Oh, yeah, remember to breathe! It will get done one way or the other (and yay for having an organizing hubby - mine's the same, I leave all the particulars to him during moves).

    Good luck!!

  5. I remember that feeling well. It was probably the most stressful time of my life!

    Just try not to do everything yourself. And invest in aspirin and wine. :)

  6. I'm not an advocate of drugs, even over the counter, but when the insomnia kicks in and I'm running on about three hours a night sleep for longer than three days, I give up and take ZzzQuil (or the generic store-brand equivalent). This is the "makes you sleepy" part of NyQuil. It works every time and I don't feel hung over the next morning.

    I hate moving but y'all are going to your "forever home" so that's a good thing! Are you taking the outside kitties? That's a whole 'nuther blog post about herding cats. LOL

  7. I hadn't thought of the hospital here, JB. Thanks. And I'm hanging. ;o)

    LOL, did I give you flashbacks, Janet? Thanks for the luck.

    It is stressful, Maria, but it's a good stress cuz we'll be outta here! Yay! I'll take the aspirin. And maybe the wine - even though I quit drinking. I might need it.

    Oh, it's not that bad for me, Silver. I haven't needed to touch the cough syrup yet (which works in a pinch). Yay for the forever home! And we're taking Max - because he's not just an outside kitty anymore. (and of course, Queen Kira.) The feral cats will have to go back to doing for themselves again. And you're right - that's a whole 'nuther post.

  8. Hugs! Terror-and-joy excitement will keep me awake, too. I'm glad it sounds like more joy than anxiety.

    I'm so glad you're taking Max! I'd wondered if he was tame enough to travel.

  9. Um, B.E.? Do you have any friends who DON'T work at the grocery store?

    (and yay for eReaders!!!)

  10. LOL, Deb - it depends on the day on whether it's terror or joy. ;o) Oh yeah, we have to take Max. He's more than tame. He's a big furry boo-boo baby.

    Actually, Jeffe, in real life my friends are few and most of them do work for the grocery store. It's like Norm walking into Cheers when I go in there. They love me. All I need is my own stool in the corner. ;o)