Monday, November 7, 2011

What to Blog About

What to post... what to post....

Well, if I didn't think it was proprietary, I'd post the email my daughter got from her business professor.  It went out to the whole class, explaining to them certain key points of the English language they may not have been aware of.  Like -its- is possessive and -it's- is a contraction.  -Their- is possessive, and -there- shows place.  Little stuff like that.  Daughter forwarded it to me because she thought I'd get a kick out of it, and she was so right.  We were both amazed that the prof even needed to send that to a group of college students. 

I thought about writing a post lamenting the fact that no matter how many squares of toilet paper I scroll out from the roll, only the first square rips off easily.  Seriously, what is with that?  What can anyone do with one square of toilet paper?  (All references to Elaine of Seinfeld and her 'spare a square' episode aside.)

I considered bitching about the time change, but I bitched about that in the Spring.  Nothing's really changed since then. 

I started to write a poem the other day about hope being like a teddy bear whose all worn with the stuffing falling out but one that we can't let go of.  But my poetry days are behind me.  Maybe I'll turn that thought into a blog post one of these days.  Meanwhile, the idea is sitting on a sticky note stuck to the corner of my desk.

Of course, I could always gripe about my state of being carless.  Poor Callie Cavalier had a coronary on Friday.  Her fuel pump is shot and she needs a transplant.  Unfortunately my mechanic was out of town and the dealer had to order up a donor heart.  So, from Friday until tomorrow morning (I hope morning) I'm sans vehicle.  You never know how much you need your car until it's gone.  Today, I'll be walking to the bank, the post office and maybe the grocery store (unless I can hitch a ride or overcome my cheapness to have them delivery my groceries.)

On the bright side, the car died now and not in two weeks when I pick the kid up for Thanksgiving break.  Having fuel pump problems on the freeway would suck.

I had a great idea for a short story the other night and totally forgot it by morning.  Happy day for me, I just remembered the premise, so now I can go type it into my ideas file.

In other news, I made my goal of 4K words yesterday.  I'm pretty tired today, but still pretty proud of myself, too.  If I can keep this momentum, I'll have these last 11 chapters busted out in no time.  =o)

How are things going in your life today?  Got any news?  Anything to crow about?  Anything to bitch about?  Have at it in the comments.


  1. Kinda sad that the letter had to be sent out to college students. *shakes head*

    Me, I'm drinking too much tea and the bathroom breaks are keeping me from getting anything done!

  2. The story of my blogging life most days - what to write about!

    Too funny (in a very sad way) about the letter to the college students!

    Your almost TP rant made me think of Andy Rooney (who passed away this past weekend after only 3 weeks retired).

    I bitched about the time change today - still bitching about it.

    I would have enjoyed reading your poem about the teddy bear.

    Yikes on being carless - don't know if I could survive (we're a two car family - sad considering there's only 2 of us).

    Bet you're looking forward to having your daughter home for Thanksgiving :) Its a shame there not closer (hey, the best I could come up with on such short notice).

    Looking forward to hearing more about the story that was lost and then found again.

    Woo Hoo on the word count. Great job, B.E.

    I have nothing to add other than comments on your comments. Hey, it's Monday :(

  3. Wow - 4k in a day. That's pretty good. My goal is to get 4200 in a week and I didn't make that. But I wrote over 1100 words yesterday, so I was happy.

  4. Ha, that is ridiculous that the professor sent that! But I've experienced the same thing with college students.

    Sorry about your car, that totally sucks!

    And yay on 4k words in one day! That is totally kick butt!

  5. LOL! Alas, I have received many emails--and lectures--like that from profs. Even in the senior level classes people don't know the basics of the English language. It's really, really sad.