Thursday, November 3, 2011


Twitter...  What can I say to my fellow twitter users other than 'pay attention to what you're writing when creating hashtags'...

This morning I was reading along and saw boobeinglate as a hashtag.

To be perfectly honest, the first thing my whacked out brain did was transpose the i and the e, making it look like boobie nglate - whatever the hell that means.

Once I put the letters back in their correct order, I couldn't figure out why someone would say 'boob ein glate'.  Is it German?  Is it dirty?  WTF?  Toss that option.

Then I went to boobe in glate.  Still a major WTF moment. 

And then my brain finally put it together... Boo Being Late. This person was unhappy with her own lateness.  (See the little lightbulb over my head?  Pay no attention to the fact that it sputters.  I'm having my own personal brown-out today.)

Sure Twitter makes the world smush everything together and not speak in full sentences, but let's all take a moment to make sure we're not creating more confusion... like the world needs that.

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  1. Will. Not. Succumb. To. Twitter.

    Even with the prospect of word games ;)

  2. I enjoy twitter but in many ways it is throw away writing and I don;t think anyone puts much thought behind what they write.

  3. I actually put an extra "b" in there when I read it, so I thought it was boob being late. And then I thought it must have something to do with mammograms. So maybe it was a public service announcement.

  4. Not sure I would have persisted with figuring it out!


  5. Ha, LOL!! I actually thought it said boobie, too :) You are not alone!

  6. LMAO! I actually couldnt figure it out either until you told me. But I agree, some hashtags are so dumb. I tend to use the writing ones, but thats about it =)