Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Technology Boat Left Me on Shore

I have no smart phone. Or laptop. Or tablet. I don't have the latest versions of anything. Nothing I own has a touch screen.  I have the basic Kindle, and I'm lucky to have that.  For years, I used the Kindle for PC program. 

I can't check out your app.  I don't text.  I don't tweet from anywhere but my old desktop.  My dumbphone can access the web, but the last time I tried, I had so much trouble trying to 'type' using the number pad, I failed miserably and gave up further efforts.

I still use an answering machine.  And a land line*.

Oh, I'm no Luddite.  I used to be cutting edge.  I was using Windows before they even had programs for the OS.  I was chatting before there was an internet.  I sampled all the new programs and versions of programs before the common guy could buy it.  I was, to use the vernacular of today, da bomb.

Since then, I was dumped out of the technology boat and it moved on without me. 

Sometimes I miss all the shiny, new gizmos.  I'd squeal with glee over the latest sparkly phone... and then stare at the useless brick while I wandered the hillside desperate to find a few bars.  (We have a kid who must visit someone in here during the summer. He never seems to find signal, but he keeps trying.)

If you're on the boat with all the latest technology, wave as you pass by. 

* Seriously, until they make cell signals that don't drop your call mid-conversation, and ones that don't make everything sound like you're talking from inside a hole in the ground or that you're garbled or that you've got the mouthpiece tucked under your chin, I'm keeping my land line.  You can have it when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.


  1. I do have a smartphone (hand-me-down from my hubby). Found it came in handy when I went to Dragon*Con with my daughter (the wifi wasn't free). Not that we always had a signal in the hotels...

    I do have a laptop. It's what I write on (with?), while sitting on my chair. It's portable, too. Can take it when I travel. I do love it because then I can write ANYWHERE!

    I do NOT have a tablet. I don't want one, either. I have an e-reader (Nook Simple Touch with Glow light), which is for only reading books, not the internet. I have the laptop and smartphone if I need to be on the internet.

    I'm not a fan of new gadgets. Or new software. I still use Word 2003 on my Windows 7 laptop (which I was kind of forced to upgrade to when I bought the new laptop). I'm not even sure if the old version of Word will work on Windows 10 (and I really do NOT want Windows 10 or the latest Word). If it ain't broke, I'm not fixing it.

    But, unfortunately, devices DO break. And then I'm forced to upgrade. My husband doesn't like when that happens, because I tend to whine. A LOT! :)

  2. I have all the sparklies and I have to call Only to show me how to do things, then forget between one time and another. LOL

    As for that bar thing? Yeah...We wander through the dead zones of our house to find the bars. *rolls eyes*

  3. No cell phone or laptop, check. My 'land line' is wireless (the fire ants kept moving into the land line connection boxes). I do have good wireless internet, and could have a cell phone if I wanted one. My 'land line' is cheaper. :-)

    I used to be up on the new and glittery, but I really don't see any use for it these days. Email is about my speed. ;-)

  4. I have it all, but only because I was dragged kicking and screaming. I'm married to a man who loves all the gizmos. Me? Not so much.