Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Update - T-2

Two days until Wish in One Hand is available for public consumption.  Stop by Outside the Box tomorrow for a look at the road that brought my novel - originally called Djinnocide - to this point.

I am inordinately irritated at the time of writing this by some numbnuts who tweeted something snarky about other suspense writers, as well as by the people who retweeted his oh-so witty comment.  Bah and feh.  I write suspense.  My readers seem to think I'm good at it.  That's all I really need to worry about so, Mr. RapierWit, f-off.

I saw a vireo earlier this week.  (It's a bird.)

Hubs kindly executed Tick-mageddon 3 this past week.  Hopefully, the juice will also kill whatever little bugs have been biting the crap out of me lately.  I swear, I'm going nuts itching.

I saw a coyote this week, too.  He was crossing the highway.  Made it through safe, which is always good.

I ordered and received my proof copy of the paperback for WIOH on Friday.  The cover looks amazing.  I flipped through the inside like I always do - looking for anything squonky.  Something seemed off, so I flipped through until it hit me.  No page numbers.  Well, derp.  So, I fixed the file, converted it to PDF, and uploaded it.  Right after I clicked 'Review my Files', I realized I had forgotten to put a section break at the end of the book so the blank page, the About the Author, and the page with my other books on it didn't also have page numbers.  Too late to take it back.  Yesterday, I got the approval for the wrong file, uploaded the fixed file, and also got approval for that.  The new proof has been ordered and should arrive Wednesday.  If all is well with that, WIOH will be available in for purchase in paperback for them what wants that format.

Related to the above, I opted not to go with extended distribution this time around.  I make pennies through those other channels, I only ever sold one book through one of them anyway, and that one channel has been a little concerning lately.  If you purchased a paperback of mine through any other place but Amazon, please contact me, because I never got paid for it.  (Except for the one person I contacted early on about her purchase of Dying Embers.  I did eventually get paid for that, like 3 months later.)

Now that WIOH is in the system, I took two whole days off writing related stuff (other than marketing).  I read a couple books and started another.  It's nice to read other people's words for a change.  I was supposed to get back to work yesterday, but that didn't happen.  I'll do it today.  I kinda have to get rolling.  My editor is expecting Bloodflow in September.  I have pages of my own edit notes to input and I know some of them are pretty intensive.  Wish me luck.

How are things in your world?

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  1. I'm slow getting around. This is the first time all day that I've even looked at my computer. I obviously needed the time off. Have WIOH pre-ordered. I'm excited! Love the book and the series/trilogy.

    Suppose I need to go write a blog for tomorrow. Later gator!