Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 33

Ah, there are the week numbers again.  Last week was the 33rd week of 2015.  I know because I looked it up.  =op

Anyway, 33rd week. 3rd book released.  Wish in One Hand is now available for purchase for Kindle and in print.  I'll do some kind of numbers post over at Outside the Box tomorrow.  If I remember.

It's Sunday morning.  It's pouring rain with bangers and boomers.  I didn't sleep well.  All of that boils down to a less than chipper me this morning.  My woo won't hoo.

Now that the temperatures have been cooler, Hubs and I have been taking walks in the evening.  I'm sure he has to feel like he's on some kind of nature walk every time because I point out everything.  The other day I saw a tiny, furry caterpillar that looked like shimmering molten metal as it undulated over the concrete.  Last night, I saw a tiny, furry caterpillar with black tufts along its side and a russet stripe down the middle.  Neither of them were more than a half inch long.  I notice shit like that.    I also saw a beetle that was hinged between the thorax and the abdomen such that it looked like one of those crazy buses with the accordion middle for easier turning.

I also saw a bobcat on her way out on her dusk hunting trip.  First bobcat we've seen in almost two years.  Cool.

Speaking of noticing things, I found two flaws in the second chapter of WIOH.  Those are fixed in the e-version now.  Missed an 'a' and referred to Omar's sanctuary as a box when it's actually a lamp.  (It originally was a hollow bead on an old necklace, so I'm not sure how 'box' ever came into play.) That's one of the great things about self-publishing. Find a flaw, fix it.  No muss, no fuss.  Cuz let's face it.  In a 100K word novel, you can't catch everything. Not on the tenth pass.  Not on the hundredth.  :shrug:

For some reason, the new growth on my forsythia keeps dying.  Have to look into that.

What's going on in your world?


  1. Normally, I pick up on typos/oops like that. I didn't. Read right through them. LOL That means the story holds water. ;)

    I wish we'd get some of the rain down here. We were supposed to but it all stayed north of us. Good news, looks like we'll get through August with no more 100 temps. Been a weird weather summer.

    You have nature to walk in. I'm jealous. LOL Here's to a good week.

  2. Yay for WIOH! I hope it goes gangbusters!

    How cool you saw a bobcat! I saw a roadrunner yesterday, the first in several years.
    Hooray for rain! We had 2" this week, and I'm thrilled.

    I'm down to the last few chapters of 3C, but most of them need to be completely rewritten. I hope to finish up in three weeks, and spend one more on a final run through. I desperately need a beta reader, though. My last one - who was WONDERFUL - went and had a baby. Suddenly she's triple booked. ;-)

    If you know anyone who'd like to beta read a fantasy (or three), please let me know. Thanks!

  3. We've had plenty of rain too, but then this is England! I feel sorry for parents trying to keep kids occupied during the summer holidays when all it does is rain.

    Reading this week: went right through WIOH in one sitting and thought it was great, didn't spot any typos though. Now need more please. I'm in the middle of book 10 of the Southern Sewing circle books and have enjoyed this whole series, so thanks for the recommendation. I'm listening to the Black Dagger Brotherhood books from J R Ward as I do my sewing. I finished Lover Avenged yesterday and started Lover Mine last night. Great way to combine 2 loves.

    Finished quilting a wedding present and started hand sewing the binding on while listening to Lover Mine last night, oh and I made a roman blind over the weekend. Turned out really well, so I'm dead chuffed with myself. That's about it for this week.