Thursday, May 21, 2015

This n That Thursday - Lovecraft and Love of Craft

I was at the used bookstore the other day, chatting about my books and looking for some key pieces of fiction I want to read or I want to re-read.  During the course of my conversation with the owner, I asked about the guy who wrote the Cthulu stories - because I couldn't remember his name for the life of me.  She said Lovecraft and told me she only had one book in by him. When she pulled it off the shelf, she discovered she hadn't priced it yet, so while I was looking for other stuff, she went online. 

I could tell by the shake of her head, it wasn't going to be good.  I mean $25 isn't gross, but it sure wasn't in the budget.  I told her 'I'm buying myself a birthday present.  I love myself, but not THAT much' and we both laughed.  She tucked the book back on the shelf.  I paid her for the old Bradbury's I picked out.  I figured that was that. 

After I arrived home, I noticed a Facebook message from her saying the book I was looking for was in.  And I thought it was the one book I have her watching for - The Elfstones of Shannara in the original paperback cover.  I kind of laughed because it would figure that the book would come in right after I stopped by.  It's not like I can just jog over there.  The next time I was in town, I stopped by the store.  And she hands me the Lovecraft.

"Happy Birthday", she says.

"How?  What?  Oh, you must've seen my birthday on Facebook."

"No.  You said it was your birthday when you were in here."


I looked at it and then I looked at her.  She hurriedly tells me she checked the pricing again and it wasn't what she thought.  I said, "Good, because we're friends, but not that good of friends" and we both laughed again.  Of course, I gave her a hug.  I'm not that big a hugger in real life, but the situation called for it.  And she's not that big a hugger either, but she agreed. 

Now, that's what I call loving what you do for a living.  She loves books.  She loves being able to share her love of books with other people.  (Hence, the love of craft thing from the subject up there.)  I love writing and reading.  I love being able to share that with you and with her and with damn near everyone who will listen.  We're kind of kindred spirits that way - me and the bookstore gal. 

BTW, Neither of us is even sure I'll enjoy the Lovecraft.  He was just on the list of writers I haven't read yet, but feel I ought to read. 


  1. Lovecraft is an acquired taste and how awesome is your bookseller! I really wish I had a place like that. Our used bookstores are not run by booklovers. The two I haunted in the far distant past both liquidated their stock and retired. :( You are very lucky and wow! A new friend, too. Lucky you!

    1. LOL, yeah, that was the general consensus when I asked her about them. We'll see.

      Oh man, I wish you had a place like this, too. I wish I hadn't dragged my feet and gone in there when we first moved here, instead of waiting until now. Bummer about your used bookstores. How can you have a used bookstore and not be a booklover?? The concept is so foreign to me I can't wrap my brain around it.

  2. What a great story and a lovely birthday present. I don't have a good used bookstore where I live but there's a fabulous one in Alnwick, up on the North East coast of England ( It's situated in a old railway station and they were the ones who found the "Keep Calm" posters. There's a video on their web site with the story and another vid show you round the place. It is amazing, stuffed full of books of all genres and there's a brilliant mural high up on the wall. When we visited it was September and cold on the coast but they had real fires in front of which were lovely deep sofas, and an awesome sofa that was circular with seats at the quarters - doesn't explain it very well but it was comfy. I loved it and could happily have spent the entire day rummaging around, stopping at the coffee shop for lunch and buying half the inventory! If you ever get over the pond, this place is well worth a visit.

  3. What a cool bookseller! She definitely deserved a hug.

    I haven't read Lovecraft, either. He's on my to-read list, but I always forget to look for his books. Please let us know what you think of him.