Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sunday... err, Tuesday Update... err Updates: Week ??

Hey Everybody!

Well, I dropped the ball on the Sunday Update the last couple weeks.  Do I get a pass because one week was Mother's Day and the other was my anniversary??  :shrug:

A lot has happened in the past couple weeks.  Not sure if I remember it all.  Everything's a blur lately.  Let's see what I can rebuild...

I published my second book yesterday which is part of the reason why I can't think.  Publishing a book is all encompassing.  Eat, Drink, Sleep (when I can) and Breathe the book.  Nothing but the book.  Book.

After I set Accidental Death for publication, I worked on getting Dying Embers out to additional sales outlets.  Pretty much everything there went live yesterday.  Now, you can get it on B&N and Apple and Kobo and Scribd...  Go over to the Suspense page on B.E. Sanderson - Outside the Box for links and junk.

My cover reveal went live on Omnimystery News on the 8th, but my book excerpt had to be pushed back.  It'll go up tomorrow.

I cut my hair.  Looks pretty good.  I'm getting the hang of this.  I think.

Mice have overrun the garage for some reason.  They're stealing Max's food.  He killed one the other day for that infraction.  Last night, they got into the tissues I assumed were safe because they're up high, but no.  The mice were making a home in Max's linens on that same shelf and they must've needed a Kleenex to complete the decor or something.  Needless to say, the linens are being washed today and various mice eradication devices have been set where Max cannot access them.

I turned 45 yesterday.  Woohoo.

We saw a baby bunny on our walk the other day.  So cute.

The titmice have returned to next in the cinder blocks that are holding up our sun porch.  All day every day they fly back and forth with various insects.  It looks tiring.

The deer are fat-pregnant and should be dropping fawns soon.

Okay, that's all I can think of for now.  Have to get jetting along to Wallyworld so I can pick up cat food.  Have an awesome day everyone, and I'll try to get back on track with these updates.  Sorry for the slacking off.  :hugs:


  1. You've been really busy, but at least you have something to show for it. Looks like the wildlife around you has been busy too! I had a really lazy weekend, even though I originally had busy plans. I spent Saturday reading Nora Roberts The Liar, and Sunday reading Accidental Death. Both great books - I worked out the bad guy in The Liar almost straight away but didn't see it coming in AD. Huh!

  2. As you often say to me when I take hiatus, you get to!

    Dang, those are some bold mice! I don't know many who would be that bold with a cat in residence. Ugh. I don't mind them outside but inside? They get the "treatment!"

    Congrats on all the book news!

  3. Woohoo! I'm going to try to get my review of Accidental Death up soon! Have been swamped at work which is making my brain worthless at home.

    My horse's name is Max :)

  4. LOL! I'm a day late, too. Too much weird stuff in my neck of the woods. (Woods? I wish!)