Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I don't know if any of you have caught the show Diggers on the National Geographic Channel, but it's probably one of my new favorite shows.  Last night, Hubs and I were watching a new episode, though, and the thought occurred to me...

"This show would be totally boring if not for the rabid enthusiasm of its hosts."

I mean, two guys with metal detectors going over historic sites looking for treasure*, but mostly finding buckles and buttons and bullets and old coins and what they refer to as UFO (unidentified ferrous objects) but what are mostly just rusty lumps of iron.  But almost every object they unearth is TOTALLY AWESOME to them.  And their enthusiasm is infectious. 

These two guys are like big kids out there.  They shout and jump around and just generally enjoy their work.  I've never seen anyone above the age of 10 get that excited about anything.  Last night, they were searching for the lost gold payroll General Custer supposedly buried before Little Big Horn.  Every single hit they got on the metal detectors was THE GOLD... Well, at least before they dug the hole and found it wasn't.  And every item that wasn't the gold wasn't disappointing to them.  It was AWESOME!  (Okay, there was a glimmer of disappointment there at the end when they found a cast-iron stove door instead of the payroll box, but they handled it well.)

I need some of that enthusiasm today.  I need to expect to find gold in every hole I dig and not get so damn grumpy-butt when all I find is a lump of iron. 

The guys also have their own language out there - like UFO.  And it kills me.  We've even taken to using some of their phrases around the house. 

Roundness - any round object they find (rings, coins, buttons)
Roundness in the hole - an exclamation of delight at finding the above round object
Nectar - any good find, and since they're all good, nectar pretty much refers to finding something
Nectar Sector - an area where they're finding lots of stuff

So, if I bring a bowl of cookies into the living room to share, I tell the Hubs I brought 'roundness in the bowl' and we both laugh. 

See?  The enthusiasm these two guys show for their work brings joy to our household.  And life is good.

Of course, now, I want to buy a metal detector and see what I can find on our property.  Hubs already dug up an old horseshoe when he was waterproofing the foundation.  It could be civ!  (Civ - dating to the Civil War) Especially since the Civil War ranged all over Missouri.  I think it's a mule shoe probably from rebel troops trying to find a way north across the river**. 

What gets you enthusiastic? 

* They get permission before they dig and they give all their finds back to the historic societies in charge of the sites.

**Hey, it could be.  Part of the fun of the show is them making up background stories for the items they find, so it encourages me to think maybe my horseshoe was on a mule carrying supplies for the troops while they made their way north - and got stopped here because they couldn't cross the river.


  1. I've always wanted a metal detector though I doubt there's anything on this land but rusty bolts. I'll never find a bonanza of gold coins like that couple in California.

  2. What a great show for writers, B.E. - the whole making up background stories is fabulous. Wonder if we get that show - I will have to check. I love Canadian and American Pickers for their finds - my imagination goes crazy. And they, too, are pretty enthusiastic.

    Good lesson there - the Bluenose Half Marathon last year had the slogan RUN LIKE YOU ARE 10 YEARS OLD! We need to use that for everything in our lives!!

    1. It is a lot of fun, Janet. I hope you do get it up there. I've seen American Pickers. They're calm compared to the Diggers - King George and the Ringmaster. LOL

      LOL, that reminds me of an old Friends episode where Rachel goes running with Phoebe, and Phoebe runs with wild abandon. We should all run like we're kids sometimes. ;o)

  3. My dad had a metal detector but it disappeared after he died. I'm still sorry I didn't have a chance to grab it. I'd love to "dig" my backyard. The people who built this house were Czech refugees. We've found envelopes of money taped to the bottom of drawers and, stuffed in an old suitcase in the attic. Not gobs but a nice little boost. We're betting Joe, who was a master gardener buried stuff in the flower beds. Someday, I'll have the funds to splurge on buying a detector. :)

    And yes, we all need to find our enthusiasm when we lose it.

    1. Oh man, I'm sorry you lost out on your dad's metal detector. Wow, cool about your house. I bet you would find neat things in your yard.

      This house was built in 2002, so it doesn't really have much history associated with it. We did find an old piece of equipment stuck up in the rafters under the house, but the daughter of the person who build this place lives nearby and we're planning on giving it to her. (When we ever remember to get it over there.)

      I'll find my enthusiasm again. Maybe when Spring actually arrives. ;o)