Sunday, September 15, 2013

Query Letter Help?

Anyone got a minute to look over this query letter I've reworked for Djinnocide?  I don't want to send it to a group site for crit.  I just need to know if I've headed in the right direction with this damn thing and I'm too close to see it.

Cuz, like, I hate it and every previous incarnation of it.  Hate it with the flame of a thousand rugburns.

Let me know either in comments or via email.  (If you've already read the book, that would be a big plus, but if not, you can at least tell me if the letter makes you want to read it.)


  1. I'm not the best critiquer (?) of query letters, but if you want to send it to me, I'll do my best.

    semckitrick (at) aol (dot) com.

    1. You're a good critter, Stacy. And your best is very helpful. Thank you!

  2. Good luck BE! I'm up to my ears in bronchitis (that doesn't even make sense) so I'm probably not the best judge right now.

  3. I'll peek! I love writing query letters.