Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Today I will celebrate my ability to walk the streets of this amazing country with my legs and arms bare, and my face showing.  Hell, I'd run around buck naked if I didn't think I'd gross people out. 

Today I will revel in conversations with my husband - who sees me as his equal and never tries to quiet my words.  Although he does groan from time to time at my off-color jokes.

Today I will tell off-color jokes that make my husband groan (and sometimes laugh while groaning).

Today I will worship at that bastion of capitalism, Wal-Mart, and buy goods - like peanut butter ice cream sandwiches and kitty litter and paperback books - with my hard earned cash just because I can.

Today I will not stand in line for a loaf of bread, or a bag of flour, or a pair of shoes.  Well, except for the checkout line - in which I will happily stand because it means other people are shopping, too.  Retail therapy... Ahhhh.

Today I will not weep for the thousands lost to this insanity.  I will get pissed instead and I will rail against the oppressors of this world for being the fucked-up assholes that they are.

Today I will not ask permission from anyone to think, feel, and express myself in whatever way I see fit.  As if.

Today, I will write.  Because those countries who have sought numerous times to crush us wouldn't want me to do so.  They'd want me to be a good little burka-wearing, eyes-averted, 'yes, sir, may I have another beating', quiet, mousy, little incubator for their future homicide bombers.  Either that, or they'd want me dead.

Well, I don't think I'll accept that today.  Or any other day.  FYVM. 

What will you do today?


  1. Today I'll be grateful to live where I do, when I do, but I'll also be hoping for a better, gentler world.

  2. Today and every day. Excellent post.

  3. Yes!

    Hmm. I agree with jblynn, too.

    Today I'll work at being one of those capitalists "they" so hate. Come shop with me! ;-)

  4. This. Yes. Today I will celebrate the blue sky, the ability to turn off the TV and listen to any sort of music I want, read and write the books I wish, and watch a ball game that starts with the Star Spangled Banner and the crowd sings God Bless America in the 7th inning. I will offer compassion to those who need it. I'm not going to get mad, I'm going to get even by living a normal life on a normal day.

  5. Today, I will write.
    Today, I will meet my hubby for dinner (before he has to go off and teach).
    Today, I will then meet my daughter to watch Season 6 of Supernatural.
    Today will be a GOOD day!