Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wait! What? I'm Not Done With July Yet!

I don't know why this only just occurred to me this morning but July only has a week left and then it's over.  Holy crap.  I'm supposed to be done with this draft by the end of July!  :runs around in tiny circles squealing like a hurt rabbit: 

Where the hell did this month go?  I know yesterday was a frickin' blur.  If you follow me on Facebook, you know I had everything to do and got it done.  (Well, mostly.)

Here's a look at my To-Do list for the day:

- put checks in checkbook
- pay bills
- do dishes
- get gas
- make shot appts for cats
- clean Max's room
- do survey for Christine (11:23am: finished and sent, so this is off the list)
- crit two chapter for ET
- mail book
- mail bills
- mow lawn
- water lawn
- do Ch 21
- take out garbage
- clean Kira's litterbox
- call Mom

That was the list I made when I woke up.  Other things got added during the day:

- take cats for shots
- bathe Kira*
- wash out cat carrier*
- spot wash the carpet
- shower
- get cat licenses (10:36am: and now this is done, too.)
- get groceries

I didn't really need to get groceries yesterday afternoon, but by the time the afternoon rolled around I was brainfried.  I knew I had one other thing to do outside the house.  My brain said 'groceries', so I went with it.  At almost five - after I picked The Kid up from work, I remembered the one thing was stopping at City Hall to get the cats licensed.  D'oh!  Oh well, now I don't have to shop today.

Anyway, I'm sitting here this morning looking down the barrel of August 1st wondering how the hell I'm going to finish this book in 7 days when I've easily got 12 chapters left to rewrite.  That's 1.7 chapters per day!  :freaks out a little more:

It can be done.  I might be a basketcase by next Wednesday, but it can be done.  I've done worse when the end of NaNo is creeping up and I realize I slacked off too much.  So, we'll see if I can't gird my loins and get some work done.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

* I decided this year to take both cats at the same time - ya know, cuz I thought it would be easier.  But Kira hates 1) being outside 2) going anywhere 3) strangers 4) MAX.  So, after the stresses of the day, when she finally came out of the cat carrier at home, she was covered in poo from an accident she had on the way home.  Hence, the impromptu bath, and the cleaning of the cat carrier, and spot washing, and of course, the shower - cuz, well, eww.  In other news, Max is unfazed.

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  1. Oh, I'm right there with you about July. Where the heck did this month go?! I'm not nearly ready for August!!!!