Saturday, July 7, 2012

900 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Would you believe 900 posts instead?  According to my dashboard, this is my 900th post (on this blog).  Pretty amazing, especially since I've never really stuck with anything this long except parenting, writing and my marriage.

I've been settled into this place since 3/19/09.  :looks around:  Not a bad place to be.  Everything's set up just like I like it.  The decor suits me.  It's comfortable.  Homey.

My old place over at the original Writing Spectacle (which started life as Musings about Writing in December of 2006) had started to pinch after 2+ years.  I've been here longer with no unsightly bulging or uncomfortable binding.

Anyway, I'd like to thank the 117 people in my posse over there, as well as all the people who wander by and never bother to 'friend' me or comment.  You're all part of the Spectacle.  I'd tell you all to have a beer in celebration, but it's early yet.  Have a cup of coffee instead.

And thanks for stopping by.  :HUGS:


  1. Wow, quite impressive. Congratulations--and cheer! *Clinks coffee mug*

  2. Congrats! And I "joined." Didn't realize I hadn't already. Yeah, pour me another cup of that coffee! :lol:

  3. Thanks, Faith and Nat.

    LOL, Silver. I thought you were already in there, too.

  4. Wow! I've been blogging since 2010, but I haven't even hit 200 posts yet! I think you're way better about posting frequency than me. I only post once every week or so usually.

    Congrats!! And I hope you're having an awesome weekend!