Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Did It Again

After a pretty-much sleepless night, and waking up feeling like doodle, I decided the best remedy* was to change my blog template.  Tada!

I haven't decided whether to keep my 'signature picture' up there, but all in all. I'm pretty happy.  Whaddya think?

*it didn't really remedy anything - but my blog looks shiny and new.  

:After the recent 'Pic Gate', I feel like I should probably add the following: said 'signature picture' belongs to me.  I took it.  It's mine. And I can prove it.  So there.  =op:


  1. Very nice - ooh, makes me want to revamp mine!

  2. Thanks, Ladies.

    Go for it, Janet. Blogger has a bunch of new templates that made the hardest part choosing the one I liked best.