Friday, July 20, 2012

All the Pretty Pictures

Due to an internet kerfluffle and some poor woman facing a lawsuit, I have removed a buttload of images from The Writing Spectacle (this version only - I'll get the other sites tomorrow), the old Writing Spectacle, and Tabula Rasa.  The Home Ed Musings blog was deleted in its entirety earlier this year.

The images that remain fall into the following categories:

1) I took it.  It belongs to me.

2) My family members took it a long time ago, my brother scanned it in and emailed it to me, therefore, it belongs to me.

3) I did a book review and placed the cover image of the reviewed book - ostensibly to help promote sales of said book.  If someone sues me over one of those, they're frickin' nuts.

4) I posted the image to promote a product - i.e. the multiple images of Aspercreme, which I copied off their own site to help my writer friends with their aching hands, which will therefore increase sales of Aspercreme.  Again, I'm trying to make you money, folks, so suing me now would be cutting off your nose to spit your whole body.  Never pass up free advertising.

I took off images if I didn't know where the hell I got them because I didn't want violate anyone's copyright..  (I've been using computers for a long damn time and don't remember where I found everything.)  I took off images where I knew where I got them and even told where I got them because I didn't have permission.   I also took images off when I had a link to where I got the image - which I would think would promote traffic to their site, but I don't want to get sued.

I apologize to any toes I may have trod on.  I also apologize to anyone whose copyright I might have accidental infringed upon because I totally respect your work.  I wouldn't have posted it if I didn't, but I recognize now this was wrong.  I feel bad for that poor gal who tripped over a bit of innocent ignorance and got smashed in the face for it.

And yeah, I post pics of my own.  Please don't borrow them without giving me credit.  If you wonder whether it's kosher, ask.  Don't take my work and pass it off as your own.  That's just not cool, man.


  1. I wish there was an easier way to find out whether something was copyright free or not.

    I use only my own pictures or those I get from a site that offers free pictures. If I can't find the origin, I don't use it.

  2. It's scary what happened to her. It sucks, but we just can't take that risk, ya know?