Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Fell on Me

What is it about this time of year that makes it so busy and yet makes me want to write so much? Traditionally, Fall has been the most productive part of the year for my writing. Yay. But why couldn't Summer be the season? I'm fairly free during the summer. School's slowed down, the days are longer, all my favorite shows are in rerun... I should be writing.

But no. My creativity wakes up when the days grow shorter, and my schedule fills up.

Right now my WIP is just about bursting out of my pores. Last night I was writing in between hits during the Yankees game and the Dodgers game. Then I was writing during commercial breaks for Criminal Minds. (During which I came up with an awesome new curve to throw at my MC, btw, and now the next couple scenes will practically write themselves.)

Right now I'm also overseeing six hours of homeschool a day, though. And driving lessons every morning. I write during Spanish class - because it's online and everything I know about Spanish I learned on Sesame Street - but I'm getting a tad pooped. A vacation would be nice, but who's got time for that?

And to top the season off? I got a notice for jury duty. Tomorrow. Like I need that. Keep your fingers crossed that the trial will be canceled. (This is my third notice and both of the others were cancelled. Three strikes and you're out?) I don't need to drive a half-hour to court every morning for however many days this lasts. Not that I don't think it will be interesting. I could use a little first hand trial experience to make my books richer.

I'm just wondering why they couldn't have called me up during Summer.

Is Autumn a busy season for you, too? If not, which season trips you up?


  1. Autumn is my favorite season. I can't say it's busier than any other time, but I don't have kids at home. I know that makes a big difference.

    My new mantra: Hang in there. ;-)

  2. There's no season that's any less busy than any other one for me. I don't have kids, so school means nothing. I just travel a lot and have obligations that make life hectic all the time.

  3. Fall is my favorite too. Mine is also very busy. I think it has to do with school starting back up and all the holidays hitting back to back. But don't worry, winter is coming and nothing makes for a better writing day than the undesirable cold outside! Goodluck with Jury Duty.

  4. Spring and summer are my only "free" seasons. Fall and winter are insane for me because of school and trying to write. However, I prefer to write during the fall/winter. I'm not quite sure why. Maybe its the mood those seasons inspire in me? Who knows.