Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blog Awards

Thursday I was given two really nifty awards by blog pal and regular commenter, Natalie Murphy over at The Sound of Rain.  The first was the Kreativ Blogger award, and the other was the Heartfelt Award.

First the Kreativ Blogger award: 

1. Copy the Kreativ Blogger picture and post it on your page.
2. Thank the person that gave the award to you and link back to their blog.
3. Write 7 things about you that we don't know.
4. Choose 7 other bloggers that you would like to give the award to.
5. Link to the bloggers that you chose.
6. Let your winners know that they have the lovely award!

The picture's up...  Thank you, Natalie.  You're a peach.  Now for the seven things:

1.  My left leg is shorter than my right.  Not by much and it's not noticeable.  The only reason I know is...
2.  I broke my left thigh so bad they had to take out the shards and then transplant bone from my hip in the gap.  (Sorry if I grossed anyone out.)
3.  My favorite color is Hunter Green.
4. I love the Silverdome.  It was the halfway point between my house and my grandmother's, so we always knew when we were 'almost there'.  I'm still upset they moved the Detriot Lions to that other stadium.  =o/
5. My paternal grandfather was the first police chief ever in the suburban Detroit town of Melvindale, so I have a warm fluffy place in my heart for law enforcement - beyond the appreciation I have for them already for the work they do.
6. I spent a summer working for the City of Marquette Animal Control.  Technically I was employed by the Michigan Youth Corps to supervise workers for the city's first annual (and last annual) Animal Census.  We made national news and even took a shot from Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. 
7.My first cat was a mostly feral kitten I saved from euthanasia at the above shelter.  Jinx was a beautiful black and white shorthair who reminded me of a cat my family had when I was small. Eventually, she came to accept me, but she was wicked with the claws on everyone else. 

Okay, that's the fun part.  As for rules #4-6, I won't do those.  It's too hard choosing just seven out of the bunch of blogs I visit.  Suffice it to say, you're all creative bloggers and you all deserve an award.  If you choose to accept it, let me know in the comments so I can check out your answers.

As for the Heartfelt Award, the rules are simpler...

 Do you reach for a cup of cocoa or tea when you're relaxing, seeking comfort, sharing a plate of cookies with family and friends? You know the feeling you get when you drink a yummy cup of cocoa, tea, or a hot toddy? That is what the Heartfelt Award is all about, feeling warm inside. Rules:Put the logo on your blog/post. Nominate up to to 9 blogs which make you feel comfy or warm inside. Be sure to link your nominees within your post. Let them know that they have been nominated by commenting on their blog. Remember to link to the person from whom you received your award.

...but the actual award is harder.  I don't know that any blogs make me feel warm inside and comfy.  Usually if I get that comfortable, I end up saying something stupid and embarassing myself.  Knowing this about myself, I try to keep it reined in.  Still, if I had to pick a place, I'd say I feel welcome at Natalie's blog, so I give the award back to her.  Thanks for thinking of so kindly of my blog, Natalie, and I'm glad you feel comfy here.

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  1. You're welcome m'dear. And thank you for the kind words =]