Sunday, October 15, 2023

Sunday Update - Week Helifino

 I really have a tough time writing anything these days... including a blog post.  So, bear with me.

I finally finished a book yesterday.  It was Silver James' latest - Crossfire - and it was AWESOME.  Her best yet and all the others were awesome, so that's saying something.  Yes, it took me like a month to read it, but that's totally on me.  Reading is like writing for me, in the fact that I've been having a tough time doing it.  I lack focus for anything not work related.  Which kinda sucks.

The other day someone gave me a box of books, too.  And I want to read them, but when I will is anyone's guess.  I have only read 17 books this year.  So much for the goal of reading 50, eh?

Okay, so I lied a little.  My lack of focus is not just work.  It's kitties, too.  These boyz take a lot of attention.  I've had to get up twice now just in the space of typing the above.  Sawyer's always into something, and Finn is often along for the ride, but he's also starting to instigate things himself.  There's the third time... And now Sawyer's in the bathroom because he wouldn't leave stuff alone.


Life is pretty boring out here in the back of beyond.  I work, I eat, I sleep, I attend to kitties (if only to give Hubs a break because he's home with them all day).  Not much else going on.

But I'm not dead, so there's that.  

How life treating you these days?

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  1. Many thanks on the book kudos! That dang book was hard to write and took forever, but glad the effort was apparently worth it. Here's hoping the current WIP keeps clipping along and is at least as good.

    That's pretty much my life at present. Morning coffee, local news, more coffee, listen to a book while dealing with email. New words. Snack. More coffee. Words or research (I still fall down rabbit holes). Pepsi Zero, snack. Dinner. Baseball if there's a playoff game. Bed and asleep before the end if the game is a late one.

    But hey, it beats the alternative. There's the occasional errand run for groceries, etc. Laundry. I did finally get some fall/Halloween stuff up.

    Today I'm off to see the vampires. Time to donate blood once again. Then I foresee a nap. LOL

    Glad to see you pop in on the blog (yours and mine) and to know you're still keepin' on keepin' on. Hugs to the boys--Sawyer, Finn and Hubs. 😉 Also, I may start doing this: #🟦 (It's a symbol of Jewish/Israel support.)