Thursday, May 14, 2015

This n That Thursday

I'm a total toad today.  I spent yesterday entering the final tweaks to Accidental Death and then loading it for pre-order at Amazon.  And now I'm spent.  But I still have a ton of things to do, so I better get off my ass and get to work.

I don't want to talk about Accidental Death today, but my brain is filled up with it.  Let's see if some trivial stuff helps...

Did you know earthworms are hermaphroditic?  Two worms mate and they both crawl away pregnant.  (At least that's what I remember learning.  I'm too scattered to go look it up this morning.)

Speaking of mating, male three-toed box turtles have a concave shell underneath so they don't fall off during mating.  That's how I knew this one was a girl - flat under shell.  (Plus, her head isn't brightly striped with red and orange.)

Sorry it's blurry, but I took this one out the window from the sun porch.  When I went outside to get a better picture, she closed up until after I left.
Shy little gal.

The other day when I was coming home from the store, I rounded a corner near the house and there was a roadrunner standing in the middle of the road.  I slowed down and waited.  He turned and started running away from the car - right down the middle of the road.  So there I was slowly rolling behind this bird until he decided to turn left and hop across the ditch.  Rural world problems.  LOL

I'm still trying to get pics of the roadrunners around here, but they're elusive buggers.

Speaking of rural, do you get commercials for where you're at?  It's a dating website for farmers and the people who want to love them.  Their theme song gets stuck in my head.  "You don't have to be lonely... at" 

And on that note, I'll turn it over to you.  What this n that do you have in your world?  Tell me something that'll take my mind off this book launch.


  1. Ah, roadrunners and lonely farmers. Yes. Have seen both. And you made me laugh.

    It's 1:00 and I haven't done jack today. A full pot of coffee and my brain still won't jump start. I'd just give up and go read but I'd have to pick a book, which would mean thinking. Not happening.

    I'm debating whether or not to put DOUBLE CROSS up for preorder. Gotta get a lot more written before I do.

    And...random fact...Cats and horses are highly susceptible to black widow venom, but dogs are relatively resistant. Sheep and rabbits are apparently immune. Who knew?

    *wanders off looking for more coffee*

  2. We have a couple of resident road runners on our property. They're so used to seeing me they don't even bother running. The dog is another matter though.

    Nothing but rain by us. I'm dying to take pictures of my garden but I never catch a break.