Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Reading List

The other day I mentioned key pieces of fiction that I want to read or re-read.  Today I thought I'd give you all an idea of what I meant by that.

Now, I'm not talking about books in my TBR (to be read) pile.  Although some of the books in my pile are included in the reading list, and the ones I acquire will definitely be added to the pile, this list and that list are not the same.  I'm talking about books and authors I feel like I missed somewhere along the way, OR books and authors I loved once upon a time but somehow lost, sold, or never owned (i.e. library borrowed books I want to own now).

Like the Dragonlance trilogy I bought the other day.  Loved it when I borrowed it, but never owned it, and totally wanted to.

So, now that I have a dealer... err, used bookstore... I can readily access, I'm working on finding those books.

The first on the list is a paperback copy of Elfstones of Shannara - in the original cover with Wil, Amberle, and Crispin in front of the big wooden door, waiting for the demon to strike.  The bookstore owner has that on a list so if she gets it, it's reserved for me.

Other books on the list include:

Do Androids Dream Electric Sheep? by Heinlein
2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke
The Book of Lost Swords series by Fred Saberhagen*
I, The Jury by Mickey Spillane**
The Jon Tom series by Alan Dean Foster*
Books 4-6 of the Xanth series by Piers Anthony*
The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler
The middle novels from the StarDoc series by S.L. Viehl***

I recently acquired several books that were on the list before, so I'm getting there. Now I just need to find the time to read.  LOL

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury
The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury
a book by Elmore Leonard (an author I haven't read yet, but the bookstore gal assured me I needed to)
The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett
Several other Mickey Spillane novels I haven't read yet. (Love Mickey.  Must read all of his books.)

There are others, of course, but like always happens when I'm actually at the store, I can't remember titles right now.  I need to make a list to take with me when I'm out there so I know enough to look for them.

What older books do you want to read or re-read?  Do you keep a list?  Do you ever feel like there are books you ought to read?

* books I read a long time ago, and want to own now
** My copy is shot and I want to read it again without the book falling apart in my hands
*** Damn hard to find without paying an arm and a leg


  1. I have THE COMPLETE BOOK OF SWORDS (Books 1-3) in a hardback plus THE LOST SWORDS (the two books in the second triad), I should go back and read them someday. I enjoyed Saberhagen's Dracula novels, too.

    Every once in awhile, I think I need to reread L'Amour's Sackett series. And The Dragonriders of Pern. Someday. They're all on my shelves in the library. Oh! And Andre Norton's Witchworld series. I have them in the original paperbacks, but I'm almost afraid to touch them.

    1. Totally jealous, Silver! I've never read his Dracula novels, but the Lost Swords books were ones I read and reread many times. (Library borrows, doncha know.)

      I need to read the Sackett books, and the Dragonrider books. And the rest of the Witchworld books. I have the Norton books in old paperback, too, but I haven't had time to read them all.

  2. Good luck with your acquisitions! Used book stores are great. It's a grand idea, to be surrounded by your all time favourite books.

    1. Thanks, Karyn! LOL, I think I'm trying to recapture my youth with all my favorite old reads.

  3. For me, it's my collection of Georgette Heyer's historicals that I always look for. I've got some from the 60's, paperbacks so worn and brown that I can't read them or they'll fall apart. I've been replacing them with newer books, but still can't get rid of the old ones. I re-read these books every couple of years and they never fail to delight me. I think my favourites are Frederica, The Grand Sophy, These Old Shades & The Foundling. After my current session of re-reading J D Robb's In Death series, I think I'll have to read these again.

    1. And now you make me want to keep an eye out for Georgette Heyer paperbacks for you, Fran. How I would get them to you over the pond I don't know. LOL

      Ah, you and Silver share the In Death obsession. I probably need to read the rest of those.

    2. Fran, NAKED IN DEATH is my "chicken soup book." I've lost count of how many times I've read it. I normally reread the entire series at least once a year, though I sometimes reread the first several more than that, because...well, when I can't find anything else that interests me to read, despite the height of my TBR mountain, NID ALWAYS draws me in! LOLOL

    3. It's probably more a Roarke obsession ..... but the books are great.

  4. ***But you know the author, chica. :)

    Seriously, I have boxes upon boxes of author copies sitting in my closet silently ageing that I would like to give to people who want to read them. So e-mail me and let me know which StarDoc books you're missing and if I have extras, I'll send them to you.

    1. LOL, yes, I do. And you're both awesome and silly.

      I appreciate the offer and while it's totally not necessary, I'm not one to look a gift book in the spine, so you have mail.