Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 6

Yep, forgot it was Sunday.  Let's just say my mind has been elsewhere lately.  Chiefly, this is the beginning of my first ever week before release day. 

Which means I'm scattered.

Last Sunday, I set up my very own FB author page and to encourage fans, I held a contest for a $25 gift card open to my first 50 likes.  Took about 24 hours.  I'll hold another one for my first 100 fans, so if you're on Facebook, and haven't liked my page yet, go like it.  When I get close to 100 likes, I'll formally announce the other contest.  Which means people who like this blog would get in on the ground floor. 

I also spent the week scouring Dying Embers for mistakes, flaws, continuity errors, and anything else I might've missed along the way.  I finished last night and I can safely say... Well, not that I got them all but that I am done looking.  What ain't fixed ain't gonna be fixed, cuz if I ain't seen it by now, I ain't a-gonna see it.

Also, I made a Goodreads listing for Dying Embers, and applied for membership as a Goodreads Author.  I got approved for that this morning, so that page is set up now, too. 

Ugh.  I'm tired just thinking about it all. 

The cover artist and I are like this close to having a print cover.  And some marketing materials.  Which will be cool.  He did this as a fun thing:
Except I didn't know it was for fun, so I was all like "I see my target reader more as sitting in sweats eating a half-gallon of double fudge brownie ice cream - spoon in one hand, book in the other.  Or with wine."  (At least that's how I like to read a good suspense.  How about you?)

Other than Dying Embers stuff I haven't done much of anything.  Well, Friday I did go thrifting and picked up two awesome chairs:

I edited in the right one yesterday morning while Hubs was sanding.  It was awesome.  The left one is for Pretty Pink Pig - unless Hubs wants to sit there.

Hubs also made some progress on the sanding (which was why I was editing in the office instead of the living room - it's pretty loud). 

What's news in your world?


  1. That's a totally cool meme with your book cover! I'm impressed. And jealous. Plus awesome chairs. You have a masters in thrifting. Take a deep breath and try to enjoy this week. It'll be fun. No. Really!

    1. I think my cover artist knows a guy who could do that for you, Silver. Thrifting here isn't that hard because we have so many stores around here, and my go-to place has a lot of turnover.

      Yeah, I'm trying to be all Zen about this week. At least I'm not running around trying to get everything in place. That's done. All I need to do is upload and preview to make sure the formatting doesn't suck.

  2. Wow, you've been crazy busy this week! I'm now a Goodreads fan (I won't touch Facebook with a 500' pole.) I hope you'll do a Goodreads giveaway when you have a print version of Dying Embers ready.

    Love the chairs. Are they as comfortable as they look?

    I've sent 1C off to the beta reader, and I've started editing 2C. Well, more like rewriting it. It needs a ton of work. :-)

    1. Thanks for being a fan, Deb! I'm definitely going to do a giveaway when the print version is ready.

      They are pretty comfortable. I sat in both before I bought them. I hate uncomfortable chairs.

      YAY for sending stuff off to a beta! You can do this!

  3. I've just been on Goodreads and marked Dying Embers "want to read". I read the blurb and am now looking forward to reading it, slobbed out in my armchair with a large coffee and Reece's cups. I like the picture but who holds a book like that? Especially soft back..duh! I like you chairs too, very nice.
    As for what I've been doing - sewing. I'm making a hexagon quilt with 8 rows of 6 hexagon "flowers" with a plain colour linking them. I completed row 4 last night. It's now 6 foot wide and 55" high (I started at the bottom) and it's all hand sewn. Would you believe it started off as a "wonder if I can do this" thing and has just grown? I'll send you a pic one day ....

    1. Thanks, Fran! Oh yeah, coffee and chocolate would also be on the list of what I imagine people do when they read my book. I hold a book like that sometimes - especially if I'm trying to read while the cat's on my lap. (She head butts me if I stop petting her.)

      Oh, that quilt design sounds pretty! You definitely should send me a pic. All hand-sewn? You rock. I can't sew more than a button on.