Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 4

It's bedtime on Saturday night - around 9:30pm, as a matter of fact - and I'm trying to get a jumpstart on the update for the week.  Probably not the wisest of ideas, since I am totally brainfried, but tomorrow will probably be worse, so here goes...

I finished the proof-edit-thingies my readers sent me.  So, my book is like 99% ready to be formatted.  For the last 1%, I sent it to my Kindle and I printed off the first half for Hubs to read.  (He'll get the other half when he gives me back the binder clips I used on that half.)  I printed the half yesterday and handed it to him.  And wouldn't you know, I already got ketchup on the title page.  (I had hashbrowns for breakfast while I watched TV and I must've set the plate on the book at some point.)  Looks like blood, though, so I'm not overly upset.

I haven't really done much else this week.  Part of the reason was we got Hubs a boat this past week - because he's been such a good boy for the past ten years, he earned it - and I was wrapped up in that.  While he was up looking at the boat, I did some major cleaning, so there's that, too.  Other than that, though...

Well, I was playing around trying to format the manuscript myself.  The test one I sent to my Kindle looks pretty snazzy and the test one I put together for the hardcopy looks good, too.  Once the manuscript is as clean as I can make it, I'll format the real book and see how it goes. 

My cover is also complete for the ebook.  The cover artist added in my shiny, new tagline and it looks like a book you'd find on the shelves at a bookstore.  I'm pretty pleased.  The poor guy is now waiting for me to give him a final pagecount so he can make my print cover.  And he's working on my marketing materials.  I can't wait.

Once I get those, I'll be making a FB page and will adjust my Twitter background to fit.  It'll be awesome.

What's going on in your world?


  1. Awesome! Good for you! (I'd take the "bloody" title page as a good omen.)

    I am waiting impatiently to get my copy edits back for THE HITWOMAN'S DOWNWARD DOG.

  2. I finally got all my critiquing/proof-reading stuffs done for other people. I've taken a vacation from social media. I don't miss it but will have to get back in the swing of things starting tomorrow.I finished revisions on the proposal for RDR#3 and sent them off to NY Editor. I think I've finished my short story for submission to an anthology. I'm sitting on it to let it gel and then will send it to beta readers. I'm procrastinating. Tomorrow, I get back to work on MOONSTRUCK: SECRETS. Or today unless I decide to go back to bed to read. Which is sounding really good right about now. LOLOL

  3. Congrats to DH on his boat! I hope you both enjoy it.

    Hooray for being so close to finished on your edits!!! (It's worth three exclamation points. :) A little 'blood' will just add character.

    I'm on the final round (for the moment) of 1C before sending it to my beta reader. It definitely needs to be read aloud, a step I almost forgot. I'm finding all sorts of typos and awkward places. But I'm all hyped up to start on 2C. I thought up a new torment for my MC today. :-)

  4. I think half my manucripts have tea rings on them. I edit on the porch so I habitually set my tea cup on the pages to keep them from blowing away -- and apparently I dribble a lot. :)

    Today I am writing the first chapter for the latest ghost gig, then altering some composition books, then mopping the floors and making dinner and doing some work on my mom's Valentine's Day gift. The glam never stops!