Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Curious Questions

Okay, admittedly, I don't talk about books often when I'm out in the real world.  But I couldn't help myself today.  Today, I found a copy of my friend, Silver James' first Harlequin release - Cowgirls Don't Cry

I snagged the last copy at Walmart. 

So there I was in checkout and the cashier scans my purchase.  I held out my hand, because books never go in with the groceries in my world.  I slide them into my gargantuan purse (it has pockets that are just right for keeping a paperback safe).  She hands me the book and I hug it to my chest - natch.  And she looks at me like I just slipped a gear. 

I turn the book face out toward her and say "This is my friend's book.  Her first Harlequin release."  I may have squeed a little. 

And that's when the questions started.

"How old is she?"  Umm, I don't really know. We never talked about her age.  Older than me, I think. 

"So, she's like married and settled, with kids and stuff?"  Yep. 

"Where's she from?"  Oklahoma.  

"She must be selling well, if they're all gone."  Yep.

"Well, I'll have to look for her book at another store."  Cuz, yeah, I snagged the last copy in her store.

I didn't really think anything of it until I was on the way home.  And then the questions seemed really odd - like she either didn't believe I actually know Silver, or she was assuming those books are all written by people with no lives.  I don't know.  Yes, folks, real people really do write for Harlequin.  Real people actually write most of the stuff that's out there in the world.  (Some things might be written by fake people, but I wouldn't know for certain.)

I wasn't brave enough to tell her my own book will be out in March.  She said something about how she guessed there were people out there who had the talent for writing books, and people out there who wrote books and still didn't have any talent.  She also said she loves to read but doesn't have much time for it anymore. 

I did tell her, if she likes modern day cowboy romances, to look for Silver's books - this one and the next Red Dirt Royalty.

Was those questions weird or was that just me?  If someone told you they knew an author, what kinds of questions would you ask them? 


  1. LOL Yes, I'm older than you, by more than a bit. Yes, I have a real life with a husband, daughter, son-in-law, and grandson. I even have two furry dogs and a cat. I do laundry. I occasionally run the vacuum if Lawyer Guy doesn't beat me to it. And how very awesome that I sold out at that Walmart! This is me doing a happy dance!!! *happy dances* The last time I checked mine, the books hadn't been put out yet. :-P

    And thanks for the pimping. The next time you see that particular clerk, you can tell her that besides coffee, my next favorite drink is Diet Coke. ;D

    1. LOL, I have a pretty good idea how old you are, Silver, but that was none of her damn business. I did tell her about your grandbaby, though. (That you had one. No details.) I think this area is a target market for cowboy romances. I hope they get some more in so you can sell out again.

      You're very welcome. I'm so glad they had your books where I could snatch one off the shelves. It's so much better than receiving one in the mail, and in the mail, I can't gloat to anyone but Hubs. (Which I did when I got home.)

  2. I'm not sure I' ask that kind of question. I'm more interested in knowing your thought processes, if your real life experience counted when writing, how much of yourself is in your hero/heroine, how hard was it to get published and how much moola it's actually possible to earn from writing. Nosy cow, aren't I?

    1. See now, Fran, those are logical questions about the actual book (or at least related to writing). And I'll have to remember to answer those questions in a post after Dying Embers comes out.

      As for the moola question, it all depends. Anywhere from a pittance up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. (For self-published AND traditional.) I think Bella Andre - a romance novelist - is looking at the six figures for her self-published stuff.

      And I don't think you're a nosy cow. I think maybe that cashier was, but not you.

  3. I might ask the where's she from question. But the age and the married status questions...um, interesting. But you never know what people are curious about when it comes to writers. LOL