Thursday, April 10, 2014

Paddling Around the Pond

My friend, Silver James, had an interesting post this morning with an analogy about a mother duck not waiting for her ducklings to get in a row before she sets off, and using said analogy as an encouragement to 'Be a duck. And just go!'  And as I was commenting, a thought occurred to me.  I'm can't just go.  Not that I'm waiting for my ducklings.  I could snap them into line if I really wanted to.

It's not that.

Part of it is that the pond is currently so comfortable.  I'm just paddling around, enjoying it.  So what if my ducklings are scattered hither and yon.  The water is warm.  The breeze is gentle.  There's food aplenty.

And besides, if you never leave the pond, you never have to worry about getting eaten by a fox.


It seems like every time I set a foot outside the pond, there's some hungry predator waiting to nibble my webbed-toes.  It's tiring.  And just so much easier to paddle around in circles.

Paddle paddle paddle.

I know if I never set out, I'll never accomplish anything and all my precious ducklings will wither away.  But I can't seem to want to venture forth.  To take that step onto the bank again.  To take the risks that leaving my pond will surely bring. 

So I paddle. 


  1. So...uhm...what happens if someone throws a big ol' rock into the pond and creates ripples? Then again...this is a pond we're talkin' about and you never know what's lurking under the surface. Snakes. Snappin' turtles. Gators. Pond sharks. Just sayin'.... It ain't as safe in there as it feels. *nods*

    1. Then the duck gets totally freaked out and takes off into the wild blue yonder. Yep, big things hiding under the water, but since I'm being a clueless duck, I'm totally not thinking about anything I can't see right in front of me.

  2. And besides, if you never leave the pond, you never have to worry about getting eaten by a fox. ...or get hit by a car! It's a scary world out there for us ducks!

    It's hard to leave the comfort and safety of the pond - I know, been swimming around for years waiting for the courage to venture forth. But I also know you and your determination. You'll leave that pond - you're too invested in your ducklings not to!

    OR move your duck self to a paddling pool - no other risks there (I was happy with the pond until Silver started on with the snakes - yikes)!!!

    1. Exactly, Janet! Very scary for the ducks.

      Yes, I will leave the pond eventually - probably after Silver throws a boulder in and makes waves. ;o)

      Ah, the lure of the manmade pool to paddle in. If I went there, though, I'd turn into a shut-in. At least now, I do occasionally leave the house. LOL

  3. Don't make me go all Duck-Duck-Goose on y'all! Just sayin'... ;) *looks for boulders* "sharpens ice pick to deflate rubber pools*

  4. My pool is the plastic - can't deflate - nice try *ducks* (hahaha)