Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday Update (late) - Week 13

Leave it to the thirteenth week to mess me up.  Well, at least I did 12 weeks in a row without missing a Sunday.  I'll work on getting back on track this week - with everything.

Speaking of which, my writing is still derailed.  I did start re-reading my first Djinn book to get back into the flavor of the world.  So far, so good.  But would you believe that as many times as I've been over this damn book, I'm finding typos?!  Arrgghh.  They probably aren't any more numerous than your standard average published book, but it's still damn frustrating.

In reading news, I'm up to 32 books for the year.  I think that leaves me about 8 books ahead which means I could go an entire month without adding books and still be on track for my goal.  Which may be what happens so I can get my writing on.  Then again, I just downloaded the first book in Lynn Viehl's steampunk series - Disenchanted & Co., so I may not be able to go a whole month without reading someone else's books.

Yesterday, I finally watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - both parts, straight through.  Yes, yes, I am a bad Potter fan.  But hey, I got the Hubs to watch with me, so that's something.  I learned I really need to go back and read the book again.  I don't remember most of the shit that went down in the movie happening in the book.  Was it really that far off or was my memory failing me?  :shrug:  Made it really hard to explain to my husband what was going on.  (He's never read the books or watched the movies.  Fantasy ain't his bag.)

I spent some time this weekend playing with my image program 'painting' the house again.  I even tried the Valspar virtual painting thingie.  Meh.  My own way works better.  it's just that with the Valspar program, I know exactly which paint to ask for.  I wonder if the paint dudes will freak if I go in with HTML numbers and say 'Give me R211 G125 B34' (a shade of brown we may or may not use).  :shrug:  For his part, Hubs spent yesterday laying out the new plumbing schematics.  It's going to be a busy summer here, that's for sure.

How were things for you last week?


  1. So-so week - but I got a lot accomplished on Sunday, so I feel I'm back on track. We love Harry Potter and watch the entire series every Christmas - which helps with the questions (when we watched the last part, I was very confused). I've become a real stickler for series - when we got the second Hunger Games, I insisted we had to watch the first first so that I wouldn't be confused.

    Can't believe it's the end of March - I'm hoping April is a little sunnier for me (figuratively and literally :)

    1. Yay for being back on track, Janet! Heh, good to know I wasn't the only confused person over Deathly Hallows. I can't watch the Hunger Games movies after reading the books. That last book killed me.

      Here's to kicking March in the ass and having a sunny April!

  2. I need to reread Harry Potter. I only watched part of the first half of Deathly Hallows, and it seemed way off to me, too. But I get a LOT more writing done when I don't read every night. I read my own book, instead. :-)

    I wrote about 2000 new words and did a lot of editing. Sloooooooooowly. Reworked the first chapter again, but it needs more work.

    LOL on freaking out the paint guy with the exact shade of brown. I wonder if they have a list of HTML shades.

    1. The second half was very exciting, Deb. Just weird. And the whole thing was not how I remembered it. Heh, I get more writing done when I put other people's books aside, too. That is, when I'm inclined toward writing which hasn't been lately.

      Yay for 2k more words and loads of editing! Slow going is better than no going. Good for you.

      I wonder that, too. One would think that in this day and age, they would have HTML capabilities with their paint match computer programs, but probably not.

  3. I quit reading and watching the Potter-verse after...uhm...I don't remember. Order of the Phoenix maybe? The kids are huge fans and have the UK versions of both books and movies. LOL

    Let's don't talk about painting or repairs. We need to get the trim repainted and the ceilings repaired in the library/junque room and dining room. *sigh* It's neverending, isn't it?

    Glad to see everyone getting back on track. Including me!

    1. Order of the Phoenix seemed to be the watershed book where people either kept going or stopped. I know the ex and I had huge discussions about that book. (I liked it, he hated it.)

      Sorry about mentioning it. It's just been a year in the new house and we're ready to fix what we've discovered. It is a neverending process, but way better than living in a rental where you have to wait for the landlord to fix stuff or live with it.

      Yep... back on track... kinda, sorta, maybe. Go us!