Friday, March 7, 2014

Embracing the New

Okay, so I got a wild hair yesterday and went to get my hair cut after like 9 months of only trimming my own bangs.  And I got the idea to swap out my old shitty keyboard for one that still has all its letters.  And this morning I got the bright idea to rearrange my part of the office...

Embrace the new.

The keyboard isn't giving me fits anymore.  So that's a good thing.

I keep running my hands through my hair and wondering where it all went.  I got about 5 inches taken off.  It was down to my shoulder blades and now it hangs just above my shoulders.  (No pics yet.)  It's cute and sassy, so I'm liking it so far, but I haven't washed it yet.  You never know until after you wash a new cut whether it was the right cut, ya know.

The rearrangement of the office was finished about fifteen minutes ago.  I'm adapting.  The worst part so far is that my monitor is on the opposite corner of the desk from where it was so I keep looking up when I should look over.  Sometimes it's the little things that get ya.  I'm giving it a week and if I don't like it, I'm putting it back.  One upside is the light is behind me now, so it's not reflecting off the keyboard anymore, and the keyboard isn't directly under the monitor, so that light isn't reflecting off the keys.  (No pics yet of this arrangement either.) 

I asked Hubs if he liked the new arrangement... He was patiently working at his desk while I was manically moving things around in my space...  He said "Whatever makes you comfortable" but I could tell he didn't understand.  I told him it was a girl thing.  ;o)

What new things have you embraced recently?  How's that working out for you?


  1. I definitely want pictures of everything! =)

    Ummm, as for me I don't think I've changed anything around recently. I guess my writing schedule is new. It's taking some getting used to, but I love seeing my progress go up =)

    1. There will be pics... eventually. Good for you, changing up your writing schedule - especially if it's making your progress go up! =o)

  2. I cleaned my refrigerator. Does that count? And when the new one arrives in a bit, I'll shove everything back in willy-nilly until tonight or tomorrow morning when I have time to think and plan. The new fridge is all fancy and stuff. It will take getting used to. Other than that, I'm pretty much set in my ways...though I'm tempted to take the front of my hair cut as short as the back the next time I go in. Or not. I may wait until after the Magic Bean arrives. Only won't be up for a new photo shoot until then. I have to send a headshot to Harlequin. I'll probably go with the one I'm currently using. Decisions, decisions. LOL

    Have a great weekend. Today is moving today, tomorrow is baby shower, and next week is hard deadline. EEEEKKKKKKKKKK!