Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Procrastination Tactics

So, procrastination tactics... because it's NaNo time and who doesn't have procrastination tactics that jump out when you really ought to be writing? 

Sunday I helped the Hubs pick up the big piles of leaves he raked together on Saturday.  We carted them into the forest and dumped them where they wouldn't be noticeable from the house.  'Out of sight, out of mind' works for me.

Yesterday, I changed out all the faceplates on my kitchen outlets from dingy cheap-ass wood to tidy cheap-ass almond plastic.  Looks much nicer.

Today?  Well, I've already taken that drywall patching kit I bought back in April... yeah, I used something I procrastinated over to procrastinate - sue me... and begun the job of mending the holes in the kitchen wall above the stove.  The moro...people who lived here hung a microwave there and made an unholy mess when they removed it.  So, I patched the biggest holes with the kit and then filled in all the little holes with that spackling compound that goes on purple and then turns white as it dries.  It was like cake decorating!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  If I get crazy enough, I may drive into town, pick up some paint and start doing the kitchen.  (Because now the patchy places will be white on off white, and we just can't have that.)

How are you procrastinating these days?  Or are you being good and doing what you're supposed to do when you're supposed to do it?  If you're one of the latter, I salute you. 


  1. I promised myself that I'd work first, internet later. Uhm...nope. Old habits. I'm giving myself 15 minutes to get finished with social stuff and then get to work! What's sad is I'm really enjoying this MS now. It has substance and direction so I should be writing.

    No painting until 12/1. Just sayin'....because you'll decide you want to add color and then you'll be putting up swaths of paint to try and decide which you like best. ;-P

  2. Stop procrastinating (says Janet who's Internet surfing on her lunch hour instead of writing) - I want to read that damn story!!

    Sorry, did I yell? Anyway, no painting, as Silver says, until December. Ignore the white on off-white for now...or hang something over it!!

    OK, I'm only 400 words in for today - should use my lunch hour to get at least another 500 written. Drek, drek, drek!!

  3. Hey, working on a procrastinated project in order to procrastinate now sounds par for the course for me. :-)

    My current excuse for not writing is because I'm in the final details to clean up my last book. I'm determined to get the thing ready to go out the door this week!