Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Goodreads and Me

A long time ago, I joined Goodreads.  And then promptly did nothing with it.  At all.  I was like the ghost in the Goodreads machine.  Earlier this year, though, I finally decided to get into the place in a more active way.  Sure, I'm not partaking of everything the site has to offer, but I'm finding my place and enjoying the scenery.

I might have mentioned (if not here, then elsewhere), that I became a Goodreads Librarian.  It's really not that hard a position to get into.  You exceed a certain number of books in your library and then fill out a form.  They accept or deny you.  I got accepted.  Basically what that means is I can update books, fix listings, and add books (when I'm absolutely certain it's not out there already). It all came about because an acquaintance of mine needed help getting his books up on the site.  Since then, I've helped him, and a few others, to get their books on Goodreads or get additional materials up there (like cover images, etc.)

I'm also keeping track of the books I read with their reading challenge - if you didn't notice there's a widget thingie over on the right.  I still keep my own page for that, but this is cool, too.  Now everyone who's friends with me can see what I read and I can see what they've read.  It's totally cool - in a nerdy, book-addict kind of way.

Additionally, I've found a few great books to read by seeing what my friends on Goodreads are reading or have in their too-read list.

All in all, it's a pretty neat place for book lovers to hang out and connect - and it's totally what you put into it.  No pressure, just books.  :happy sigh:  They even have discussion boards for those people who are interested.  (Not me.  I'm a recovering forum addict.  But you might like it.)

So, have you tried Goodreads?  Feel free to friend me.  I'd love to see what you're reading.


  1. I always think I should join - especially when I read friends' posts about Goodreads - but I have enough stuff demanding my attention already (um, Twitter - can't remember the last time I logged in, so much for that 2012 goal).

    I love the idea of a place to keep track of your books (I use a small journal to keep track of books read, books I want to read, and favorite authors) - but I think it's the idea of being able to find books similar to other books that intrigues me.



  2. Come on. All the cool kids are doin' it. ;o)

    Nothing like a little peer pressure first thing in the morning. LOL Look at it this way, though, it's more fun than Twitter. I only check Twitter every once in a while, but I update Goodreads every day. Come to the dark side, we have books.

  3. Hmmmm, I fall into the ghost category. I often don't add the books I've read because I haven't enjoyed them enough to recommend them and I don't want to badmouth fellow authors....such a dilemma...

  4. I totally hear ya there, JB. I always figure if I'm not enjoying a book enough to recommend it, it's probably not worth finishing. I don't put unfinished books on Goodreads. And then, if I do finish a book that doesn't knock my socks off, I give it 4 stars and don't add it to the updates that go out to my friends. No author badmouthing here.

  5. I think I just friended you on Goodreads.

    I've tried adding that widget to my blog, but it never updated. It used to (and last year it worked perfectly).

    I like Goodreads, if it's only to keep track of what I read, or what I want to read. I also like to see what others are reading, too.

  6. We're friends now, Stacy. Yay. Yeah, my widget doesn't update itself anymore either. I have to go in and fix the code myself.

  7. I have an account with Goodreads, but I don't use it lol. For me, it's just another thing I need to update. I don't have enough time as it is, so I've avoided it. That being said, I might get into it more when I have some time on my hands. You never know ;)

  8. I can't find your account on Goodreads, Nat, or I'd friend you. I totally hear you on the time, though. You're a busy gal. Maybe after August you'll find the time. =o)

  9. There, I think I added you hun. =) I'll probably goof around on it eventually lol