Friday, June 3, 2011

Crazy Life

Time, it shore do fly when yor busy.

Sorry, I was channeling Troy from Swamp People.  "Shoot 'im, Lizbet.  Shoot 'im."  (Talking in a Cajun accent is fun.  Try it sometime.)

Anyway, it's been busy here this week. 

- printed and sliced senior pics
- printed envelopes and announcements
- stuffed envelopes and mailed said pics and announcements
- yard work
- tweaked synopsis from 7pgs to 4pgs, formatted manuscript and sent submission to epublisher
- set up Daughter's graduation present (omg, her laptop is so pretty)
- made appointments, went to appointments, ran errands, took care of the Hubs & Kid & cats, cooked dinners, made chicken salad...

And those are just the highlights because the rest of the week was a blur.  I think I wrote a little.  I know I read a little.  Everything else?  Lost in the crevices of my crumpled brain.  Of course it didn't help that I came down with some sort of creeping hack Wednesday night and spent yesterday with a cough syrup hangover.  And I just remembered it was a short week anyway because of the holiday. 


Anyway, I keep hoping to get back to some kind of schedule soon.  I'm thinking any real progress will have to wait until after college orientation - which is coming up in a few weeks.  Until then, expect sporadicness. 

How crazy is your life right now?  If it's not crazy, tell me about how calm everything is where you are so I can live the calm through you.  If your life is really really not crazy, can I hide at your place until all this is over?


  1. My life is controlled crazy right now. Kids have their last day of school today, which mean the "control" part is about to go out the window.

  2. My life is always crazy. Also? My brother and I love Swamp People!

    Choot 'em, Liz! Choot 'em!

  3. You sound so busy.

    My life is relatively calm right now, but from next week my son is back from uni, my daughter has her prom in three weeks and my mother is coming over from South Africa, so it'll start to get very busy.

    I'm making the most of the peace while I can.

  4. I remember what a pain it was for my mom to set up my grad party. You're a great mom!