Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Researching My Heritage Pt 2

Sorry I've been quiet.  This thing is addictive.  Add to that some other important family things, and I've been pulled in a lot of directions lately.  It's all good, but everything is making me neglect my blog. 

On the upside, I have been getting some writing done.  I'm still meandering around blindly, trying to pick up the thread I lost 2 years ago, but so far, so good.  I think I need to throw in a new body.  Either that or sic the villain on the MC.  Terri's getting to complacent and the villain's getting bored.  ;o)

On another upside, I traced the American Indian link in my grandfather's family tree.  Apparently, I'm 1/16th of some tribe.  I haven't found out which, yet.  I also found where my great-grandfather was injured in the Franco-Prussian war.  It would probably be a lot more significant if I read German, but I muddled along enough to figure out he was a 2nd Lt on the Prussian side.  Maybe his military background is why my grandfather was named Wilhelm - after the Kaiser?  :shrug:

My world is covered in sticky notes and printed census lists, but it's a good world right now.

How's your world?


  1. Well done for getting on with your writing, I wish I could say the same.

    Your ancestry sounds fascinating. Happy searching.

  2. Oh, great. That means I'm not even enough Native American to say "Irish-German-Native American" anymore. I'll just stick with 'European' as my descent.

    I wonder if has any leads on my family history (including paternal, that is). Oh jeez, look at what you've done.

    **opens new tab**