Monday, April 18, 2011

New To Me

About 45 minutes ago, I started reading Right Hand Magic by Nancy A. Collins, and I'm inhaling it.  If I didn't need sleep, I'd probably read all the way through and wind up dragging my buns to bed in the wee hours.

Any new-to-you authors you picked up lately that you just couldn't put down?


  1. Don't know what happened to my Blog Reader, but I see I missed your last post. Great discussion on research/information flaws. Loved the alien/zombie line!! When doing research for Lady Bells, I, too, found glaring inconsistancies - and always wondered which detail was correct and which fabricated. In reading, as long as the story is good, I can grant literary license to any author.

    Now, new to me author - reading Elizabeth Chadwick who writes medieval historical romance (British author). I found her website eons ago, but have only now picked up one of her books (don't ask why). Not an 'inhale' author, but am enjoying :)

  2. I really got into Johnson's book Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes. Only took me a little over an hour to read. Loved it!