Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Searching for WiFi

So, yesterday, Daughter and I did what I like to call 'searching for WiFi' in this godforsaken outpost.  We did get a couple piddling signals here in the house, but nothing strong enough to register her Nook and let her see what it was all about.

Grab the car keys and the Nook, and off we go.

There's nothing quite like driving slowly down the road, with Daughter riding shotgun, waiting for a WiFi signal to grow stronger.  Until she says, "I got one!" and I quickly pull over so the Nook can work its magic.  It registered itself and life was good - until I moved the car.  We made it another couple blocks before the signal pooped out on us.  :shrug:

Here in tiny town USA, you take what you get.

It was like a treasure hunt.  After our little tour, we discovered there's free WiFi signal at the coffee shop, the pizza place, in front of the post office, and at the library.  (Well, the library's was password protected, but the lovely librarians gave us the key.) 

Thankfully, Daughter only needs the WiFi to download books, not read them.  Unfortunately, in order to do a lot of the other fun things a Nook does, she needs to be online - like listen to Pandora from her Nook or surf the web.  She's bummin' about those things, but once she's off to college, it won't be a problem.  I imagine the whole freakin' campus is 'hot'.

Do you have any gadgets that need WiFi?  If you're like us and live in nowhereland, how do you survive being on the short end of the techno stick?


  1. My iPod touch needs wifi. I live in historically small-town Texas, but at the rate Austin has grown, my town is basically a northern suburb Austin.

    So it's no problem where I live, but when I visit my grandparents in itty bitty Cherokee, I can't even get cell phone service.

    Although the general store ladies make the BEST CHEESEBURGERS EVER. I figure that's fair trade.

    At least you found one at the library! And yes, the college will definitely be a hotspot--although when I lived on campus, they totally made me PAY FOR ACCESS. It was free outside the dorm room. Can you believe that? Extortion.

  2. Glad you finally got it going! Funny picturing you creeping down the streets.

  3. I don't have that problem, mostly because of my aversion to technology. I can dial a cell phone and turn on a laptop. Anything else, I'm lost.