Thursday, September 26, 2019

Thursday This n That

We got totally splooshed last night.  Rain rain rain.  In copious amounts.  There was some thunder and lightning, too, but mostly rain.  We'll have to wait until daybreak to see what the ol' rain gauge shows for amounts.   (Update 7:50a: 2.6 inches.)

I had planned on going fishing this morning.  Umm, not anymore.  I don't mind fishing in the rain, but I have to be in the mood for it and I am not in the mood this morning.  I did go fishing yesterday and things are starting to bite again.  I caught two little bluegills, a good-sized sunfish, and an okay sized channel cat.  I didn't bring any of them home.  I almost caught a little bass, but it got off and as it swam away, I saw 3-4 others peel away from the ledges and follow it to deeper water.

It got unexpectedly sunny partway through my fishing, so I slathered myself with sun block.  Even after a shower with generous soaping and scrubbing, I still feel like I have sunblock on.  Bleh.  Eh, I guess it's better than turning into a lobster.

We screen our phone calls.  We're getting so many crap calls lately that we don't even bother to check whether it's an actual phone call anymore.  They can leave a message if it's important.  Except when they don't.  Like yesterday when I went to erase the previous day's call log and noticed my doctor's office was in there.  :shrug:  I called them when they opened.  It was just a quick call to change my November appt date because the nurse I prefer to give me my shots will be out of the office on my original appt day.  I love the fact that the office manager remembers I only want Trish to give me shots anymore.  She doesn't hurt me, bruise me, etc.

Seriously, folks, if you call, leave a message.  Unless you're crap, then don't bother - we won't call you back.  We're getting like 10... 12... 15 crap calls a day right now.  All people trying to pimp Medicare supplemental insurance to us.  Ugh.

I just got word of another acquaintance evacuating California for good.  Yay for them!  I'm not sure why any sane person would still live in the People's State of CA.  :shrug:  Oh, I know there are family concerns, and it certainly is a beautiful place (from what I've seen in pics... I've never been there), but as it slowly degrades into a land of higher and higher taxes and lower and lower standards, the scales have got to be tipping in favor of finding other places to live.

By the way, Michigan is a beautiful place and most of my family is still there, but I got the hell out and I'm so glad I don't live there anymore.  I mean, other than missing being able to see my family regularly it was a positive move.  Thank goodness for phone and internet, so we're not totally out of touch.  Tuesday, I talked to my middle sister and my daughter and my mom.  Yay.

Okay, I should probably wander off and do some other stuff this morning.  Have a great day wherever you are!

You know the drill.  Leave your own this n that behind before you go.  ;o)

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  1. Evidently, we got some rain last night too. I didn't hear it and it didn't bother the fuzzy critters. I'm with you on California. For the first time in 14 years, I won't be going to RWA Nationals because it's being held in San Francisco. Glad you got some fishing in. Maybe cooler temps are coming and you'll get more.

    I've about decided to abandon the books I think I need to write and write the book I want to write. I had an idea and sat down this morning, ripping out almost 1K words on a back-burner project before even opening my browser.

    I'm so tired of summer. I want fall but it's not in the forecast.

    The feral cats are starting to tolerate me. Salem greets me with demanding meows, especially if I've slept in. I think Blinkyn is preggers. 😟 Raja has taken to peeking through the screen door at Loki while my back is turned. Yes, they all have names and personalities. Wynkin, Blinkyn, Salem, Hi-jinx, Shyster, and Lucifer are all black cats. Raja and Sari are Burmese and gorgeous. Someone would adopt them if I could civilize them. Then there's poor Cowboy, an orange tabby who is the biggest boy out there but everyone is mean to him.

    The mail ran twice today. Plus a UPS drop off. Weird.

    I'm closing in on 190. Also weird.

    And...I got nuttin' else. Time for more coffee.