Thursday, September 5, 2019

Thursday This n That

Thursday.  I keep having to remind myself that it is, in fact, Thursday.  These 'Holiday on Monday' weeks really mess me up.  (Not that it's that difficult. LOL)

It's getting to the point where I either need longer arms, a wider desk, or to wear my glasses while I'm at the computer.  Getting old sucks.  A friend of mine wanted to show me something on her phone the other day.  She handed the phone over and I held it out at arm's length.  "Can you read it?" she asked.  "Gimme a minute," I replied.  I should've just gotten my glasses out of my purse, but I'm not used to having to do that yet.  Definitely need longer arms. 

I now have glasses on my desk (for work and bills), in my purse (for reading at the store), next to my chair in the living room (for reading in general), and in my fishing bag (for tying knots).  I can't walk with them on so I need to have them scattered around.  I don't need them for driving - a perk of being farsighted.  I only need them for reading things smaller than say 14-pt font which now need to be held at a scosh farther than arm's length.

The fawns are starting to lose their spots.  :sniffle:  The babies are growing up.

I need to make granola bars today.  Hubs eats one or two a day, so it takes 10-14 days to go through a batch.

Wallyworld was an exercise in irritation yesterday.  There were these two gals shopping together and each of them had their own cart complete with small child.  And they kept stopping to talk, side-by-side so they took up the whole damn aisle.  And it seemed like every time they stopped it was in front of something I needed or they were blocking where I needed to go.  Argh.  Then I got into a checkout line and had this dude behind me who had no concept of personal space.  I hadn't even finished unloading my cart before he decided to start putting his stuff on the conveyor belt.  I tried to be polite - 'Sir?  Can you back up?  I'm not finished unloading my cart yet.'  Instead of 'Back off, Asshole.'  Not easy considering how irritated I already was.  Then in the car on the way home, I said all the things to him and to those two chicks that I really wanted to say in increasing volumes.  Got a lot of it out before I got home so I didn't subject poor Hubs to the worst of it. 

Come to think of it, I was already cranky before I left for the store.  Definitely didn't help.  Don't shop cranky.

Don't shop hungry either.  Jus' sayin'.  Yesterday, the irritation overrode the hunger, so I actually didn't do too bad.  Just ice cream, which I said I was going to stop buying.  And a chicken sandwich so I could take the edge off the hangry. 

With all the walking I'm doing, I'm having to buy new tennis shoes every 4-6 months.  The memory foam gets flat or something and they no longer provide the support I need.  I'd buy more expensive ones, but the ones Mom gets are more expensive and they only last her about 6 months, so what's the point of that?  Wallyworld - $20.  Got this round's new ones yesterday.  They're blue with peach accents.  So stylin'.

Oh, and I picked up corn yesterday.  No weevils!  Yay!

Okay, I've chewed your ears off enough for one day.  What's in your this-n-that world today?

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  1. The people of Walmart are a constant source of irritation. Just sayin'...

    I've been getting a few new words on the WIP. I've also updated another book at Amazon, and got it uploaded to D2D, on limited channels because the original version was first released on Smashwords. I also got a few links updated on my website.

    It's hot. Stupid hurricane. It's blocked both the heat dome over us and the jet stream from the north. I don't wish that sucker on anyone but it can move it's swirly @$$ out to sea ASAP!

    Adidas is now spending her days in my office, though I have to carry her in. She's sitting up- a little, still eating and drinking and stuffs so...who knows?

    My days are all running together. I should probably worry about that. 🤷

    And...I've got nuttin' else, honey.