Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Randomosity occurs when I don't have enough thoughts to put together a post on a single subject.

They really need to move mornings to later in the day.

Autumn is supposed to start on Monday.  Yesterday, we matched the record high for the date at 95F.  It was like a freakin' sauna out there.  Umm, what the hell?

Hubs is out of cookies again, so I guess there will be some baking this morning.  A man needs his cookies and I like to keep my man's cookie reserves stocked.

Made what I call quesadillas yesterday.  They probably aren't really quesadillas, but that's what I call them.  Whatever they are, they're yummy.  Two tortillas fried in butter until they're crisp.  Put one on a pizza pan for the bottom, layer it with taco stuff - refried beans, taco meat, cheese, olives, etc.  Put the other tortilla on top, cover it with salsa, cheese, etc.  Bake until the cheese is all bubbly.  Cut it into quarters and serve with a side salad.  Last night, I did chicken and mushrooms.  So good.

Yesterday, I was walking up the hill toward the house when I saw a snake in the road ahead.  I approached with caution, sticking to the opposite side of the road, just in case.  Most snakes I come across are friendly.  This was a copperhead.  And it wasn't moving.  But at the time, the morning was a mite chilly, so I wasn't sure if the snake was dead or just cold.  (It wasn't squashed or anything, so it was hard to tell.)  I kicked a black walnut at it.  The walnut hit it and bounced over, but it didn't move.  90% sure it was dead.  If it's there again today, I'll be 100% sure.  Of course, if it's not there, could be it was dead and some animal made off with the carcass.  Crows love dead snakes.  Anyway, it reminded me why I always watch where I'm walking.

My sale ended last night.  I'll think about putting together a wrap-up post on it.

I'm reading an interesting mystery centered around a theme park.  It's got way more casualties than I expected.  Like every time the author got stalled a little, they threw in another disaster.  It's beginning to stretch the boundaries of my disbelief, but I'll keep reading.

We got a spam phone call with a semi-colon in the number.  How do you even get a semi-colon in the phone number??

That's it for my randomosity this morning, I think.  What's going on in your world?


  1. Yeah, dead copperheads should only be touched with 100 foot poles. Just sayin'. Heat this time of year sucks, but according to the local weather guru, this September is only like the 7th hottest is history and there's a chance for cooler temps by the time October rolls around. Now, my randomosity...

    A local TV channel sponsors a contest at the state fair. Put money in the jar of various anchors, etc., support the local food banks Feed the Kids program. The one with the most money has to kiss a pig. Right now, #whenpigsfly is trending and the chopper pilot is in the lead. Some dude dropped in a check for $1000. Good news for the kids! The food bank does a backpack program where the kids pick up a backpack at end of school on Friday. It's filled with good stuff to eat so they have food for the weekend. Anyway...

    If you think you're all that, try ordering somebody else's dog around.

    There's comfort in rereading/listening to a favorite book.

    The college football polls make my head hurt. And the Cards are gonna make me throw things at the wall before it's all said and done.

    Paranormal Cops. On C&I channel. Just sayin'.

    Coffee. Need I say more?

    If CATS jump into a pile, is it still called a DOG pile?

    And...I'm done. More coffee. More BS stuff to clear up. Then maybe some actual writing will take place.

  2. Morning comes way too early!

    Someone told me a recently-dead copperhead could still strike. I hope that's a rural legend.

    We're having a record-hot September. I probably said this before, but fall doesn't start here until mid or late October.

    Your quesadillas sound soooo yummy!