Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday This n That

I have a new idea.  Every time I think about eating when it isn't time to eat, I need to get up and clean something.  We'll see if I implement this today.  Either I'll have an incredibly clean house, or because I hate cleaning so much, I'll stop thinking about eating just to avoid it.  ;o)

Computer glitches irritate the crap out of me, especially when they aren't on my end and I can't do anything about them.  And I need to go figure out Google Chrome because it's giving someone else an error and I need to learn how to explain over the phone how to fix it when I have no experience with Google Chrome.  Why do computer/software companies have to make everything so damn difficult in their quest to make everything 'easy'?  Argh.

Right now, I'm reading a novel by Anne Morrow Lindbergh - Charles Lindbergh's wife.  Yeah, I didn't know she wrote fiction either.  Apparently at least 3 books, because the one I'm reading mentions two others on the cover.  I'm about halfway through this one. So far, it's pretty good.  Well written, definitely.  She really puts me in the character, if you know what I mean.  I hope it all comes together and ends well.  It would suck if this doesn't end well, since she's gotten me kind of attached to the main character.

Thinking about the above, I realized that I like reading unexpected books.  A novel by a famous aviator, a novel by a famous jockey, a mystery by a man known for SF.  And I have a novel by Winston Churchill I keep meaning to read.  By the way, if you haven't read it, Willie the Shoe's (Bill Shoemaker) novel is pretty good.  I don't have it anymore and I don't remember the title, but it shouldn't be hard to find.  Have you ever read a novel by someone you wouldn't have expected to write fiction?  It kinda tickles me.

I need a new keyboard again.  This HP one's letters rubbed off way fast.  And the space bar keeps sticking.  Bleh.  Oh, and I have to pick up a new mouse for Hubs.  His right click button only works intermittently.  Oh well, at least they aren't major purchases.  But still...

What's on your this n that radar today?

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  1. Whenever I think about eating, I should make myself sit down and write 1K words. LOL I use Google Chrome. Not sure I can help with the glitch, but you can run it by me. I can't think of any books written by unexpected people that I've read. Something to procrastinate with! I need to put new letters on my keyboard. I didn't get my plastic cover in time to keep some of them from rubbing off. Now, as to my own this'n'that radar...

    I'm a little over 45K words on the WIP and pushing hard against the deadline. This book will release in wide distribution but Amazon will hit first and then the other channels because...time. Plus getting it ready for print. Crud. Blurb. *headdesk*

    The weather is beautiful. I just want to sit outside, eyes closed, drinking coffee. Can't happen. (see above)

    I got an iBooks settlement from Amazon. Hey, $27 is $27 more on my book budget! I finished out the audio books of Jayne Castle's Harmony series.

    That's my this, that, and another for today. :)